Multi-masking: The Quickest Skincare Trend To Better Skin?

What is it? 

Multi-masking is the popular masking trend that involves using multiple masks at one time to treat a range of skin concerns and issues. This trend stems from the idea of spot treating, and the process involves either brushing several different clay/mud/wash off masks in different respective areas or utilizing several specialized masks to different areas at once; such as a lip, eye, neck, chin masks. With multi-masking, mixing and matching is the quickest way to win your skincare goals! Are you game?

Who can benefit from multi-masking?

Everyone! Every person’s face is different, and every area of our face is different as well. Some areas such as lips, under eyes, and chins may be drier than the forehead and cheek areas – even acne or aging may appear in only certain areas of the face as well. Multi-masking is the most efficient way to tackle multiple skin concerns at one time. Who wants to spend hours switching from mask to mask when you can slap it all on at once and get it over with?

How do I multi-mask?

Multi-masking is super easy – anyone can do it! Once you know which concerns you want to tackle, pick the products you want to use. You can pair a wash off with some spot treatment sheet masks, or even a combo of wash-off mask swatches. Do you have acne on your forehead but dry cheeks? Use a pore-clearing mask on your forehead and a hydrating wash off on your cheeks. Dry skin with under eye and smile lines? Pair smile and under eye patches with a full or dual-fit sheet mask. The possibilities are completely endless!

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Mix mud mask swatches with lip and under eye masks
  • Lip and nose patches with a full or dual split sheet mask
  • Pore-clearing wash off swatches on acne-prone areas and moisturizing jelly wash off swatches on dry areas
  • Smile line patches, under eye patches, chin patch, and a wash off mask on forehead and chin areas
  • Lip patch, smile patch, chin patch, and neck patch


Need some inspiration? Check out these multi-masking pros!

multi-masking(links: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right)


Stuck and don’t know where to start?
Try mixing and matching from our mini selection below or head to the STORE

For spot concerns, choose from:

For your lips, choose from:

For your eye concerns, choose from:

For your cheek concerns, choose from:

For your smile concerns, choose from:


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