Face Your Skincare Fears!

Author: Nicole  |  October 11th 2016

Today is Face Your Fears Day, and what better way to celebrate than with strange and odd skin care ingredients? I’m talking snail mucin, donkey milk, bee venom, pig collagen, bird’s nest, snake venom, horse oil…oh my! These weird Asian skin care ingredients may sound scary, but they’re harmless and honestly…wayyy worth trying. So face your fears already and test out one of these creepy ingredients!



Snail Slime – Why is it used in skin care?!
Snail slime; also known as snail filtrate or snail mucin, contains 91%-98% water and is made up of nutrients that stimulate the production of collagen, protects the skin from harmful free radicals, repairs damaged cells and restores hydration. The “slime” is gel-like in consistency, light, moisturizing and refreshing on the skin.

My favorite products that contain snail slime:
esfolio_snail_essence_mask esfolio-moisturegel-snail__91334-1468426127-1280-1280 anniesway_snailrepairingjelly_mask__61745-1473446922-1280-1280



Donkey Milk – Why is it used in skin care?!
Donkey Milk contains almost five times more Vitamin C than regular milk! It is soothing for all skin types and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and eczema. It was said that Cleopatra would regularly bathe in donkey’s milk to keep her skin young and hydrated. Fast forward to modern days, we’ve opted for donkey milk-soaked sheet masks (thank goodness because unless you’re a donkey farmer, those baths will get super expensive!).

My favorite product that contains donkey milk:



Bee Venom – Why is it used in skin care?!
Bee venom is a toxin that causes the body to react by sending blood to the affected area; this stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which gives us the benefit of smoother, plumper, firmer, tighter skin. Thankfully, skin care products use a low enough dosage so you get the all of the benefits without the pain of being stung.

My favorite products that contain bee venom:

ladykin_beevenom_icecold_mask__73985-1469644632-1280-1280-1 benton_snailbee_highcontentlotion__01052-1461102767-1280-1280-1



Pig Collagen– Why is it used in skin care?!
Lack of collagen is the biggest cause of aging; fine lines, wrinkles…you name it. Thankfully, pig collagen is packed with…you guessed it, collagen! The jelly-like consistency is odorless and moisturizes while boosting the skin’s collagen, which diminishes the appearance of aging skin.

My favorite products that contain pig collagen:

scinic-pigcollagen-jellycream__65115-1466200498-1280-1280 elizavecca-greenpiggy-collagenjella__54478-1467319871-1280-1280 holikaholika-pigcollagen-jellygel-masksheet__16343-1464020547-1280-1280



Bird’s Nest– Why is it used in skin care?!
Bird’s nest is actually not the nest, but the saliva that the Swallow uses to hold its nest together. Yes it may sound gross, but thankfully it is purified and broken down; so you won’t be finding any twigs or berries in your skin care products! This “bird saliva” is packed with proteins that grow, regenerate, and repair skin cells—which means smaller pores, firmer skin, and diminished wrinkles.

My favorite products that contain bird’s nest:

esfolio_bidsnest_essence_mask__80553-1471619798-1280-1280 mybeautydiary-imperialbirdnest__18636-1466196654-1280-1280



Snake Venom – Why is it used in skin care?!
It’s not what you think! REAL snake venom is not the ingredient, a synthetic called Syn-ake is meant to mimic snake venom but obviously without the life-threatening side effects (no one wants to die for sake of beauty). Viper’s venom has paralyzing effects; Syn-ake mimics this effect in a safer manner to relax and plump the skin and make fine lines and wrinkles less prominent.

My favorite product that contains snake venom:




Horse Oil – Why is it used in skin care?!
Horse oil contains Linolenic acid; a skin conditioning agent that also possesses barrier repairing and anti-inflammatory properties. When introduced to skin care, horse oil has the ability to greatly hydrate dry skin, while both repairing cells and soothing them as well. Horse oil is great for those with troubled and dry skin!

My favorite products that contain horse oil:

mybeautydiary-ultrahorseoilmask__39408-1466714602-1280-1280 thefaceshop-horse-01__91544-1463600581-1280-1280

Now that I’ve cleared the air on some of these scary ingredients, I challenge you to face your fears and try at least one of these that frighten you! Let me know in the comments below which ones you finally decided to try and what your experience was like!

Remember to ALWAYS patch test before using any products that your skin in unfamiliar with, everyone’s skin is different so please be careful! My goal is to get you to try new ingredients that will help your skin, not harm it.

Happy Face Your Fears Day!

xox Nicole


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