SNP LOVEly S-Line Hot Body Patch.

Should you really love the LOVEly S-Line Hot Body Patch?


Everyone is a hard believer when it comes to having products that reduce cellulite temporarily. Also products like this tend to have a weird smell while using it so of course that tends to keep you away. While using creams and other such products, it sometimes leaves your hands with the product and then you have to go wash your hands before you can either work out or relax with your product on. BUT for this patch you don’t have to worry about those things.


This product is a S-Line Hot Body Patch, lucky enough in this pack comes two patches. This patch could be used on your abdomen, your side, your thigh, your hips and even arms, basically wherever you feel you have the most cellulite.


Link to Product-

“With the thermal effect of active ingredients this high-enriched hydrogel typed S-Line Hot Body Patch helps temporary cellulite reduction. As a result, it makes body line healthy and elastic.”

Directions: Tear open and attach the patch to body. Leave on for about 3-4 hours and then remove.


The way this patch smells will make you forget you ever have anything on, the patch smells like a perfume. The only way you’ll remember you have this patch on is just from the coldness of putting it on and the heat of having it on.


The patches are hydrogel type and the outside of the patch feels kind of like a band aid so you know it wont get in the way of you wearing your normal clothing. The inside which is the side the gets placed on your body is cold when you first put it on then after a few minutes it tends to get a little warmer. When I had placed this patch, I placed it on my arms and the fit actually fits like a big band aid. The shape of the patch is of that as well. If you want to lose cellulite and feel comfortable doing so then this is the way to go. When you do place these patches on, make sure to actually pat them into your skin so it does not move or peel off.


If I had to rate this product, I would rate it a 4 out of 5. I would rate it like this because for me it did make my arms appear smaller for three days since it is a temporary. I believe maybe if I would have left it on longer maybe the effects would have lasted longer. I only left my patches on for the most about three hours. Also patches or any cellulite reducing product like this tend to work better when you are doing physical activity but of course I was relaxing while having mine on.

Try it out for yourself & tell me how you feel about this patch, do you really Love it or not?

Link to Product-



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