Real talk – I’m addicted to injections…

Author: Nicole  |  August 9th 2016

Yes…I admit it, I’m addicted to injections…sheet mask injections that is!

Injection masks are the latest innovative trend on the Korean beauty market. This process involves you injecting a serum into the packet which holds your sheet mask, then applying it as per usual. You’re probably wondering: Why the extra step? Why can’t this injection come already mixed with my mask? Well, the mixture is made up of both a powder and an essence that when combined together and used immediately, offers your skin the freshest ingredients and the best results. If the mixture were to be combined during production, then sent off to sit on store shelves before purchase, the ingredients would then settle and over time it will lose its potency and will not have the effect intended for your skin.

I was so intrigued by this injection trend that I had to try it for myself with the new Wellage Vitablue Injection Mask (available now in our September Mask Maven).



How to use:

First, separate step 1 packet from step 2. The center
is perforated and tearable so no scissors are required.



Then tear open step 1 to reveal the syringe.



Now, take the syringe and press the back inward until the
inner blue tab snaps and releases the powder into the essence.



Now shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, oh oh!
…I sincerely hope you sang this as you read 😉



Then unscrew the white cap from the mask pack and prepare for injection!
(Headbanging not required haha)



Now unscrew the blue tip cover from the syringe.



You can now inject the syringe mixture into the packet through the white opening.
*Note: I had some trouble “injecting” the mixture only to realize it will all
spill in regardless haha so don’t worry about this step too much, just ENJOY!



Now put the white cap back on the mack packet and SHAKE IT!
(squeeze, shake, whatever it takes to get the mixture all over the mask)



Lastly, you can open the packet and apply your sheet mask regularly.



Hope you enjoyed!



My thoughts??? Turns out that this mask was more fun to use than anything, I felt like a mad scientist about to create a concoction to make my face young forever. But in all seriousness it wasn’t as scary or serious as it may seem, it was quite fun knowing that I got to DIY my own sheet mask. The scent is very light, slightly soapy, but fresh. The sheet mask itself was a fairly thin, soft cotton (I accidentally poked a hole with my finger during the unraveling process haha…but to be fair I was also being a little rough) but, it was very well soaked with essence and took longer to dry out which is a plus. My face felt so fresh, glowy, and soft after this mask so I would definitely use this again!


Thanks for reading!
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One thought on “Real talk – I’m addicted to injections…

  1. Wow. Thanks for the step by step details on how to use this mask properly. I had placed my order and had received my three injectable masks. I will admit I was hesitant about trying it right away, but this has helped extremely. Thanks for the short clips and detailed instructions.

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