August Beauty Games Mask Maven

Hey Maskinista!

It’s Cassi here and today I’m reviewing some of my favorite masks from our August Beauty Games Mask Maven.

  • Saference Skin-RX Moisturizing Mask OR Saference Skin-RX Nutritive Mask
  • Missha Real Solution Tencel Sheet Mask – Ceramide (Soothing)
  • Missha Real Solution Tencel Sheet Mask – Collagen (Total Care)
  • Beauty Friends Coenzyme Q10 OR Beauty Friends Pomegranate Essence
  • Beauty Friends Vitamin Essence OR Royal Jelly Essence
  • Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution OR Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Mask
  • Yadah Cactus Soothing Mask Pack
  • Yadah Honey Moisturizing Mask Pack
  • It’s Skin Cream Mask Sheet – Glow
  • Mystery Mask

I’m going to review my personal favorites from this list – the Saference masks, the Yadah Cactus Soothing Mask Pack, and the It’s Skin Cream Mask Sheet – Glow.


Saference is a brand that I personally have never heard of. I’m always excited to try new things, and it was no different when I got to try both Saference masks. I really love both of the options, however I definitely prefer the moisturizing mask. The nutritive mask contains olive oil, propolis, and honey extracts which I know are HGs for many of our Maskinistas. My skin, however, is prone to dry patches along my jaw and hairline and loves hyaluronic acid as a result. This mask fit my face pretty well and covered my problem areas. I also wore the mask for over 30 minutes without it drying out on me – a huge plus in my book. Both of these masks are packed with essence, I had a good-sized pool at the bottom of each packet. 

I also got to try out Yadah’s Cactus Soothing Mask Pack. If you’ve never tried a product with cactus (aka prickly pear) extract – you’re missing out! This succulent is really great at balancing oily skin without being too drying. As someone that has chronic combination skin, it’s perfect for me. This mask did not disappoint!



My other favorite mask in this bunch was this It’s Skin Glow Cream Mask Sheet. Cream masks are my new obsession! The essence is so rich and thick that it actually makes an effective moisturizer for your hands and other dry areas on your body. My skin absorbed the essence quickly – I had this mask on for no longer than 25-30 minutes before it began to dry out. However, there was so much leftover at the bottom of the packet that I think I easily could have reapplied it to the mask. When I removed the sheet, my skin felt so plump and hydrated, way more so than with a normal sheet mask. Because it was so moisturized, I did notice a little brightening effect. Also as a bonus, I used this mask in the morning and my makeup went on so silky afterwards! I didn’t notice my usual dry flakes and my skin was hydrated all day.

Those are my top picks from August’s Beauty Games Mask Maven! Which were your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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