Destination Beauty – A Review Of Our July BB Bag

Author: Nicole  |  August 24th 2016

Everyone loves to travel! But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your skin care routine while you’re on the go. So we designed our July BB Bag for our beauties to take with them while en route to their destinations. Bon Voyage!



So we are so excited about the free makeup bag for July! This is the first time Beauteque has created their own makeup bag and I was honored to be the designer behind the bag’s destination-themed design. Fun, travel-esque, and feminine is what we were looking for when discussing our bag designs. We took our favorite travel icons and added cute pops of girly fun to it and TA DAH…our Beauteque Destination Beauty Bag was born!



The most important thing for your body besides food and skin care (of course), is sleep! This black, breathable-cotton, light-blocking eye mask is perfect to slip into a carry on or purse and take out whenever you need your beauty rest. This basic necessity is a definite must-have for traveling!



We get it, when you’re traveling you’re busy with tons of things, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute! The Secret Kiss Chubby Lip Tint only takes a few minutes of your time but gives your lips a tint of color to last you for the day! Just apply, dry, peel, and reveal a subtle but gorgeous lip color! *We do advise you to keep your lips moisturized before and after application as this may be a bit drying for some.

Blog-Photo-05.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.52.37 PM


So you’re going away and you decided to try on the adorable swimsuit you bought for your trip (BTW you look amazing!), you lift your arms to tie your hair up and BAM! Your armpits are so dark, you look like you haven’t showered in weeks (hopefully you have been haha). But no worries girl! This armpit essence from Milky Dress not only works as a deodorant, it lightens the unsightly dark pigment due to shaving. Papaya and lemon extracts moisturize and lighten dark areas while leaving behind a light fresh scent. You’ll have dry, clean pits in no time with the help of this creamy essence!

*How To Use: Apply a dab of the cream to underarms and rub in until absorbed.



We’re sure you’re exhausted after running around sightseeing all day, so we recommend using this cleansing water from Innerskin to not only remove your makeup, but to cleanse, and expel any dirt that had accumulated onto your skin during your daily activities. We love that this jar is small enough to just toss into a bag; perfect for any trip. Just dab it onto a cotton pad, rub gently in circular motions, and watch this water whisk away all makeup and impurities! Witch hazel and chamomile extract work to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin. This is great for sensitive types as it reduces redness and irritations. This water has so many great benefits and it smells so clean and fresh; we just love it!












The summer months take a toll on our skin; the sun is drying and harsh so we definitely need to be careful. So we chose the Esfolio Moisture Soothing Gels as our summer TLC go-to! These giant 300ml tubs will last you for months, and both the Snail and Aloe gels are amazing for the skin! These gels are great for sensitive skin and free of artificial colors, talc, benzophenone, sulfates, and mineral oil. My favorite part is how wonderful they smell and how lightweight they feel on my skin! The Aloe Vera Soothing Gel tub contains 100% pure aloe vera gel that helps to smooth, calm, and moisturize (Great for sunburns!). The Pure Snail gel contains aloe vera, green tea extract, collagen, and 95% snail mucin (Anti-aging benefits FTW!).










You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your skin routine for when you travel so we found the perfect regimen for you to take with you! The Purpletale 5-Steps To Lovely Skin has everything you need in 1 convenient and easy to carry packet. Each step comes in a tear off section easy instructions to follow along. Step 1 is a foam cleanser to purify your skin and ready it for the rest of your regimen. Step 2 is an ampoule to boost the skin and ready it for step 3 (Just apply a thin layer to face and neck and let it absorb). Step 3 is a two-piece sheet mask to firm, lift, boost, and hydrate (Apply for 20 minutes then remove and pat essence into skin). Step 4 is a moisturizing facial cream; just dab and gently massage into your face. The 5th and final step is a neck cream; dab and gently massage into your neck using an upward motion. This complete facial solution will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and looking absolutely lovely!



We hope you enjoyed our July BB Bag as much as we did! Let us know what you thought and where you ventured off to this summer; we LOVE reading your comments! 🙂

xox Nicole

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