Unmasked: Sheet Mask Materials

Hey Everyone! Alex and Faria here giving you some insight into some of the possible materials that sheet masks are made of.

The world of masks is becoming more and more popular everyday; making options endless. It can be hard to navigate, so we are here to help educate and make your mask choices a little easier to understand! There are many different kinds of masks and most people know there is peeling, wash off, foam, and sheet masks. However, sheet masks go deeper than what one may think. There are fiber and cotton, kelp, hydro-gel, cell fabric, pulp, and bio-cellulose, and more are being developed as we speak!

Fiber and cotton sheet masks are very popular but bio-cellulose and hydro-gel are beginning to become more popular because they adhere closer to the skin. Fiber and cotton are still great masks to have by your side though. My Beauty Diary’s Imperial Bird’s Nest mask is a great sheet mask made of fiber that will leave your skin feeling brand new. Swiflet bird nest extract is full of protein and minerals to leave your skin nice and clear.

MyBeautyDiary_Birds nest_Blog_1a

MyBeautyDiary_Birds nest_Blog_1b (1)

Skinfood is a great brand that has their everyday facial masks which are 100% pure cotton. A favorite of ours is the Skinfood Everyday Facial Green Tea Mask Sheet. You can see in detail how thick the cotton is compared to the fiber My Beauty Diary mask!


Skinfood_GreenTea_Blog_1a (2)

Skinfood_GreenTea_Blog_1b (1)

Bio-cellulose masks a great texture that adheres well to the skin. It’s made from fermented coconut water that forms a gel-like texture. It conforms tightly to the skin and therefore makes the serum easier for your skin to absorb. In this month’s BB Bag, Beauties will be receiving a bio-cellulose mask as part of a 5-step skincare pack! The Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin pack contains one of these luxurious masks. . Bio-cellulose masks are the most advanced technology when it comes to sheet masks.

Free_Mask_Pic_01 (1)

Hydro-gel masks are becoming more and more popular as it also adheres to the skin very well. This mask is a transparent one that is much different from the normal fiber or cotton sheet mask. Some hydro-gel masks even melt into your skin. They are a slicker material that locks in moisture providing better absorption of the essence. Our Innisfree Hydro-gel Berry Mask sheet is a great two-piece mask that includes extract of five different berries and cactus.


There are also masks made from wood pulp. For example, our Hanaka magic garden series masks are 100% bio-degradable. The Hanaka magic garden series in white pearl is a great sheet mask that will leave your skin shiny and smooth after. Wood pulp masks are great to help retain moisture within the fabric.

Hanaka_WhitepPearl_Blog_1a (1)

Hanaka_WhitepPearl_Blog_1b (1)

Kelp Masks are making there way strong into the market! Aquatic ingredients will help bring moisture deep into the skin and fight age prevention. Now you can get what would normally be an expensive treatment done for much less with just as amazing results at home. The Tony Moly Kelp mask will help your skin remember to fight off radical attacks from bad bacteria. Aquatic ingredients can fight against damaged cells and restore them into their healthy state.


Cell sheet masks by Missha are unique masks due to their compact cell fabric that adheres lightly to the face. This allows the ingredients to be delivered to ones skin most effectively. The Missha pure source pomegranate cell sheet is refreshing and smells just as good! The pomegranate sheet mask will bring smoothness and elasticity back into your once dull skin.

PureSource_CellSheetMask_Blog_1b (1)

PureSource_CellSheetMask_Blog_1a (1)

Hope you all enjoyed! Which materials have you tried?


Alex and Faria






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