Makeup Hack: Setting Sprays

Hello to all the Beauteque Beauties out there!

It’s Alexandria here, and I am ready to tell you about a great new beauty secret! As you know, setting sprays are a huge when it comes to the final touches on a perfect makeup look. This couldn’t be more true but, are you making the most of your setting spray?

Setting mists are supposed to be the final step and final touch when completing your makeup. By doing this your makeup should stay on all day and stop your makeup from being absorbed by your skin or sliding off. But What if you used your setting spray throughout the process of applying your makeup? This is going to make your makeup look professionally done each time you apply it as well as help its staying power.


bunny spray

Try this beauty hack for makeup that will stay all day: Before you apply your makeup, spray your brushes or blending sponges with your favorite setting spray. I personally love the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist as it adds some hydration! Spraying your brushes before applying your makeup helps the pigmentation really stand out and helps your makeup application look flawless. Check out the photo above! On the left, I swatched a shadow using an eyeshadow brush and no primer or spray. On the right, I spritzed my eyeshadow brush twice before swatching. You can really see the difference in application! This is a great trick for eyeliner and eyebrow products, as well.

As always, after your look is complete, give your entire face a few sprays to set the look. You can finish with setting powder if you’re a bit oily and you’ll have makeup that won’t budge!

tony promo

I am so excited to share with you all that you can get this Tony Moly Pocket Bunny AND a makeup  bag for FREE right now with any makeup purchase of $25 or more! Check it out only at

Enjoy this beauty hack ladies!




2 thoughts on “Makeup Hack: Setting Sprays

  1. I also do this as part of my makeup routine! By spraying my puffs and brushes, the foundation applies on really nicely and provides a flawless finish! It gives a very cool feeling on your skin which I know my skin loves. 🙂

  2. I am in love with Setting sprays! They very much can complete any look. Ive tried so many and and this tony moly one has become a real staple in my make-up bag!

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