Take A Road Trip With Beauteque!

Hey Beauties!

Elizabeth here to take you on a glamorous and refreshing road trip! Leave all your worries behind and join us on an adventure towards great skin and gorgeous makeup! Beauteque currently has two Remix Road Trip Promotions going on: Rockin’ Out Makeup Remix and Soothing Skincare Remix. Once you’ve used these, you’re prepared for any festival!


Rockin’ Out Makeup Remix

This bundle includes eyeshadow, a contour brush, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, lip balm, and lip liner. First we have the A’Pieu Color Longwear Shadow Stick that has a long lasting effect to keep your eyes remaining glammed out for hours. This shadow stick is a mild cream-type texture. Next is the Beauteque Dual Fiber Contour Brush, which is perfect for applying various types of makeup. This can be used for highlight, bronzer, blush, or foundation – no matter what, your makeup will be evenly distributed. The Holika Holika Wonder Drawing No Smudge Liquid Eyeliner has a double coating system that provides your eye with a clean line that lasts all day long. Once applied, the eyeliner dries quickly and remains smudge free! The Urban Dollkiss Easy Looks Lipstick is super smooth and moisturizing for the lips, and it also gives off great colors that really pop. This lipstick will leave you looking anything but dull. The Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm will moisturize your lips, give off a little color, and leave them slightly smelling like roses. The lip balm is small and light weight so it is convenient to take with you and use it on the go. Lastly we have the Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner in shade No. 2 Rose Pink. This lip liner is a creamy texture that easily glides onto the lip without any smudging or stickiness.


Soothing Skincare Remix

This bundle includes soothing gel, cleansing water, soothing cream, lip and eye remover, and lotion. First we have the SNP Cactus 90% Soothing Gel, which is a soft and refreshing gel full of moisture to protect sensitive and dry skin without leaving skin sticky. The Saem Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water is a no-wash, refreshing cleansing water. This contains tea tree to help remove excess sebum in pores and cleanse any makeup or body wastes. The Acqua Gems Herbal Soothing Cream whitens, moisturizes, and repairs skin all at once. This cream will leave your damaged skin feeling radiant and smooth. The iCharming Witch’s Pouch Collagen Lip and Eye Remover is gentle, hydrating, and effective. It is very simple to use and will wipe away all leftover makeup on your face! Last but not least, we have the Secret Key Glam Romance Lotion. Not only does this lotion leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, but it also leaves your skin smelling like luxury perfume. This scented lotion keeps skin hydrated and moisturized for long periods of time.

These bundles are each only $29 for a value over $60 – I’d drive miles for a deal like that! Don’t miss out on a good time, flawless face, and perfect skin!




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