Welcome to Beauteque City!

Hey Beauties!

It’s Cassi here and today I’d like to welcome you all to something very special we’re unveiling today:

Beauteque City!

hazy skyline w watermark.png


Take a trip with us this month! Beauteque has transformed into a bustling, beauty-forward city all month long. From now through April 15th, shop serious skincare deals, makeup must-haves and so much more.


Inspired by chic streets in metropolitan areas all over the world, we’re excited to bring the city experience to your doorstep! Look for hot new launches every week this month all inspired by city sights and sounds.

Whether your perfect city trip involves shopping at your favorite boutique, grabbing coffee or juice with your BFF, staying out all night dancing, taking a stroll in the park, or relaxing at the local spa – we’ve got something just for you!



All month long, we’ll be hosting giveaways and deals as well as giving out tons of free gifts with purchases – all inspired by city sights and sounds. And the best part – you’ll have plenty of money left over for cab fare 😉


We hope you enjoy your stay in Beauteque City – only at beauteque.com!






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