Eat Your Food & Wear It Too

Hey Beauties!

I hope you’re hungry, because I have some goodies on the menu for you today! I’ve shared with you just a small percentage of Beauteque’s food-related products. There are several different natural food ingredients found in Korean skincare. Each ingredient is extremely healthy for the skin, and each in different ways.



Baviphat Juicy Green Tea Mask Sheet

This mask nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin, reduces coloration of the scars left by acne, regulates sebum secretion, and refreshes and tightens pores. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that offers the skin protection against harmful environmental factors.

Secret Key Milk Whipping Hand Cream

This hand cream is light textured and non-greasy. It contains donkey milk and a cream that contain collagen and hyaluronic acid, which creates a barrier and prevents moisture loss while soothing redness and irritation.

Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet

This mask contains a nutrient-enriched serum which tightens pores and moisturizes the skin. The serum contains an anti-oxidant rich wine extract that minimizes pore size and enhances skin vitality for a more refined texture.



Beauty Friends Pomegranate Essence Mask Sheet

This water-soluble mask is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin. It includes punica granatum (pomegranate) fruit extract that helps to smooth rough skin and tighten pores.

Foodaholic Super Food Skin Care Natural Essential Orange Mask

This mask contains orange extract, which contains Vitamin C. This helps maintain the glow and health of skin while improving skin elasticity through skin pore contracting effects.

LadyKin Elmaju Broccoli Radiance Power Cream

This cream is rich in broccoli extract, which gives the skin elasticity and smoothness. This cream also has a whitening function that protects the skin from tiredness and fine lines.

Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

This product gives your lips a long-lasting jelly tint by retaining the color and moisture of your lips. It contains tomato extract, which helps nourish and brighten darkened lips, giving your lips a lasting flush of color.

The Face Shop Mini Capsule Cucumber Pack

This wash off mask contains cucumber extract, which soothes the skin. Cucumber has a natural cooling effect that helps refresh and hydrate the skin.

Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

This peeling cream visibly exfoliates and clarifies within minutes, leaving skin fresh and supple. It gives the healthy boost your complexion needs with Vitamins A, B1, B6, and C. Green apple extract ensures that your skin will look brighter and silkier within minutes.

Fruits and Veggies


Esfolio Egg Essence Mask Sheet

This highly concentrated essence-type mask sheet contains egg yolk extract, which helps make the skin energetic and moist. It also contains vitamins of chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract and portulaca Oleracea extract that helps increase skin elasticity and hydration.

Botanic Farm Natural Energy Rice Mask Sheet

Rice cleans the skin and provides nutrition, making the skin healthy and bright. This mask contains pure rice extract, which effectively frees the pores from deep-seated dirt. It is also perfect for those with sensitive skin as rice also helps calm irritated skin while minimizing redness and inflammation.

Mizon Natural Breath Cheese Repair Cream

This cream is a high performance, anti-wrinkle cream.  Its main ingredient, cheese, has been through a long fermentation process which vitalizes and tightens skin.  It also prevents skin from aging and nurtures its viability.

Main Dishes


Etude House My Castle Sweet Cookie Hand Cream

This hand cream contains nutrient filled ingredients such as shea butter, centella asiatica, aloe, lavender, lemon verbena, marshmallow root, and chamomile. The cream has a sweet, vanilla fragrance and is designed to be non-greasy and quick absorbing.

Holika Holika Dessert Time Cupcake Lip Balm

This smooth, cream textured lip balm moisturizes lips and gives a soft, light tinted finish. The sweet and sugary aromas will fill your nose with the tempting scent of fresh baked cupcakes.

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

This mask contains extracts and ingredients of both strawberry and yogurt. The strawberry extract is rich in fruit acids, minerals, and enzymes that brighten and soften the skin for a more youthful look. With the ingredients from yogurt, the formula balances sebum production to shrink the appearance of pores and reduce the size and redness of blemishes. This mask also contains arbutin, a popular whitening ingredient that resists melanin and breaks it down beneath the skin for a brighter, more pearlescent complexion.


I hope your skin’s appetite found interest in this! If you do have any food-related products, let us know your favorites!




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