Currently Obsessed: DIY 3D Hologram Projector

Hey Beauties!

It’s Cassi here and today I want to share something (non-beauty related) we’re currently obsessed here at Beauteque HQ! One of our graphic designers totally blew our minds by showing us this simple trick you can easily recreate (and we’ll show you how!)

It’s a 3D hologram video using only a smartphone and a few pieces of tape and plastic!


plastic on phone


To turn your own phone into a hologram projector, all you need is a ruler, tape, scissors, and some plastic (you can use any kind of clear plastic – we used an old plastic box that a skincare product came in!).

First, draw out the pattern for the sides of your projector.


Next, use your pattern to cut out 4 shapes in the plastic.

plastic pieces

Assemble your pieces like so (like a pyramid with the top chopped off!) and secure with clear tape:

pyramid piece

And the hard part is done! Now you just have to search on YouTube for “3D Hologram Videos” – find one you want, play it full-screen on your phone, and place your little pyramid right on top! Turn the lights down, and viola! You’ve got your own little 3D hologram show 🙂


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