Valentine’s Day for the Single Girl

Hey beauties!


This Valentine’s Day, I’m focusing on myself. Not that I ever really thought much of this holiday, even when I was in a relationship (seriously one time I asked my boyfriend at the time to just take me to Wawa), but sometimes it’s important to put yourself first. When it comes to being single on Valentine’s Day, many girls feel pretty bummed, but not me. I think of it as a day to eat as much chocolate as I want without anyone questioning it, as opposed to every other day where I eat as much chocolate as I want and people do question it. Instead of wishing you had someone to spend the day with, just use the “holiday” as an excuse to treat yo self! Need some ideas on how to do so? I have a few!


One fun thing you can do is go out! Yeah February 14th rudely falls on a Sunday, but who cares, you can have one super tiring Monday, right? You most likely wouldn’t enjoy your Monday, anyway. Going out to a bar, nice dinner, shopping, or anything with friends is always a great idea. Not only would you not be alone, but you could be surrounded by the people you have the most fun with. There’s no reason to sit home and wallow, especially when you have other singles right there with you!


Not to be totally cliché, but a girl’s night is always a good option. Staying in with your girls drinking wine, watching movies, and maybe having a spa night is pretty ideal. You could even have a spa night by yourself, and Beauteque can definitely help you out with this. Our “Bubble Bath” promotion going on right now is a bundle of bath salts, masks, lotions, lip balm and more to help you have a relaxing night to yourself. Run a bath, pamper yourself, and put on some Netflix…you can never go wrong with Netflix.


No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, focus on yourself and make sure you’re happy. Also, the most important advice I can give anyone, make sure you eat chocolate. Eat as much as you possibly can and enjoy it, because no significant other can ever be as satisfying as chocolate!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day for the Single Girl

  1. Do you work for Beateque? I was just thinking about doing a Korean Beauty sub box. I own a few products already so I hope it’s not a repeat. Would you say the items are more skin care and generous sized? Are there promo codes to use for a one month purchase to try it out? I see that it charges shipping.

    1. Hi love! Our bloggers are a part of the Beauteque team.

      We offer two different subscriptions – our BB Bag and our Mask Maven. Our BB Bag offers 6-8 full-sized beauty products per month (skincare, makeup, beauty tools, hair care, body care). Our Mask Maven offers 9-11 masks per month (sheet masks, eye masks, hand/foot masks, wash-off masks, and more!).

      You can check out some of our past BB Bags here:

      And some of our past Mask Mavens here:

      There are also lots of Beauties who have written blog posts & made videos about our subscriptions, so definitely check them out, too!

      Right now we have free value bundles (limited supply available, offer only good while supplies last, no guarantees) available for monthly signups using the code MARCHSET, and a different bundle for 3-, 6-, or 12-month signups using the code MARCHSET2. Check out our website for more info!

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