Friday Fun

Hello Beauties, Caitlin here! I haven’t blogged in a while and it is fun to take time from the busy day-to-day and share some of my thoughts about all things FUN!

That’s right, it’s Friday and the lovely PR department is letting me write about the awesome topic of fun!  We are located in the northeast and if you know anything about our recent weather, you can surmise that the huge snowstorm of last weekend was really anything BUT that. So this weekend, I plan on making up for lost time by having double the fun!

I am going to start by seeing a dear friend on Saturday night to catch up with her. Then on Sunday, it is the bridal shower of one of my best friends from college. That is two great days I am looking forward to!


In the name of fun, I also treated myself to some cheeky goodies from Beauteque lately! Our new Holika Holika Dessert lip balms are absolutely the cutest and literally look like little dessert treats. I snagged 2, the pink cupcake and the lemon cupcake. I think even when I done using these lip balms (pink cupcake is a juicy watermelon scent and lemon cupcake is a yummy lemon meringue-y type scent BTW), I will hold onto the packaging and decorate with them. They’re that adorable!


I also want to shout out our awesome graphic design manager Kathy for being my Secret Santa this past holiday and, knowing my love of all things Kawaii, getting me the two amazing fuzzy notebooks pictured! They go just great with some of my (way too many) feathery pens here at work! Because office supplies, my friends, should always be fun.

And with that, I wish you all a super-fun weekend and to always remember to find the FUN in every day-and maybe write a blog post about the subject every now and then!





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