Winter Fashion Favorites

Happy Fashion Friday, beauties!

Now that winter is really here and not letting anyone forget, it’s time to bundle up! Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean we can no longer dress to impress! Here are some of my winter fashion favorites…

There is no such thing as having “too many sweaters.” At this time of the year, your closet should be loaded with these cozy guys! Whether it’s oversized, fitted, cropped, or a cardigan, you can never go wrong with cute sweaters. My favorite type is an oversized sweater because it’s so easy to throw on with some leggings and be super comfy all day long, while still looking cute and trendy.

Who said you can no longer wear dresses now that it’s cold out? No one…and if anyone did, tell them they’re wrong! Dresses can be worn all year long, you just have to know which type is appropriate for which season. Long sleeve dresses and sweater dresses are always a go-to for cold weather. Throw on some boots and leg warmers and you’re golden. Suede is a HUGE trend right now, so suede dresses are an absolute must!

For someone who hates the cold and winter, I get awfully excited over winter outerwear. I love scarves, gloves, and hats more than anyone I know! There is just something about the mixture of being cozy and looking cute that really gets me. No matter what type of scarf you wear, it’s always a great add on to an outfit, plus it keeps you super warm. My personal favorites are infinity scarves and big, long comfy scarves that I can just wrap myself up in. Hats and beanies are another great accessory for this weather. As cute and warm as they are, they also prevent you from having to worry about doing your hair (big tip)! Though you don’t get out of doing your hair, ear muffs and warmers are also adorable and help you stay warm! I have found that many people do not enjoy wearing gloves, but it might be because they were wearing the wrong type. Finger-less gloves are extremely convenient, especially when they have the extra mitten-flap added. I also love mittens and hand/arm warmers, especially cute-printed ones! As I have made it obvious from a previous post, I LOVE thigh high socks. Socks and leg warmers are another great wear at this time!

Those are all of my winter fashion favorites. I hope you enjoyed them and maybe got some ideas as well! Let me know, what are your favorite winter wears?

*All images found on Urban Outfitters, Tobi, Francesca’sAsos, and LuLu’s*




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