Skinfood Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream Review

Hey Beauties!

Gummy Bear

Skinfood has come out with a new gel form of hand cream that is officially the cutest product I have ever seen! As if the chewy candy isn’t cute enough, now we can get a bigger version. So maybe it’s a bummer that it’s not edible, but hey, it’s filled with jelly hand cream, even better!

I had never used a hand gel before, so I had no idea what to expect prior to using this. The look and texture of this reminded me a lot of aloe, but less runny. I squirted a pea size of it on my hand, and when I turned my wrist, it did not move one bit. I then proceeded to rub it in and it had a nice feel to it. I was nervous it would have been sticky or goopy, but I was happy to find myself completely wrong! This moisturizing gel is great to use on dry, rough skin, especially at this time of the year.

Gummy Bears

I used the pineapple flavor, but the Gummy Bears also come in apple, grape, orange, kiwi, and raspberry. In all honesty, the scents truly do smell like real gummy bears. I haven’t actually eaten gummy bears in about ten years, but from what I remember, it is the exact same smell!

These little guys are super popular right now, so make sure you join in and get one! If you already have one, let us know what you think!




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