#TravelTuesday: Shu’s Trip To Italy

Hey Everyone!

It’s Shu here! The Ex-Graphic Designer/ A Brief Marketer & Social Media and now back to being a Graphic Designer or otherwise known as the multitasker! Yes! It’s a long history for me at Beauteque but I’ve managed through it all & I’m honestly learning so much in this wonderful, fast-paced beauty company.

Before I was offered a full-time position at Beauteque, I had already planned a 2 weeks vacation to Italy for November way back during the warmer months with my family. We decided to travel during November because it was the least crowded season; the weather wasn’t so great (semi-rain, freezing in some parts of Italy) but overall experience was still wonderful. Aside from Italy, my husband and I had traveled to China for about 3 weeks with the same tour guide “Gate 1 Travel” so I already knew what to expect for this trip to Italy. I don’t want to get too extensive with this Blog but I will briefly share the “highlights” of Italy along with pictures of scenery, food, etc. (and my encounter with a thief at the gas station super market!).

In 2 weeks, we covered a lot of ground from city to city. We started at Lake Como & ended in Sorrento, traveling by a nice comfortable coach bus and brief rides on the boats and ships.


Lake Como is part of Northern Italy; it’s fairly a small town with lots of trees & an upscale resort area. It was a relaxing experience with fresh air, a nice view of the lake and nice friendly locals. We also had a brief boat ride to Village of Bellagio where we had the first original hot chocolate at “Bar Café Rossi” & the consistency of that hot chocolate seems like they literally melted down a whole bar of chocolate. It was quite tasty nonetheless. We had a chance to shop around Switzerland briefly as well.

Then we did a one-day tour of the City of Verona & visited Juliet’s House (Casa Di Giulietta). This was the same day I was nearly robbed but I stayed alert and managed to grab the thief’s hand out of my cross-body bag. Note to anyone who’s traveling to crowded places, please keep your belongings safe & keep them where you can see!


Afterwards, it was time for Venice! Venice was very memorable. It’s definitely one of my personal spotlights of the trip. The light lit up at night at the St. Mark’s Square was quite a pretty sight, but feeding the pigeons during day time was so much fun and having them land all over you was thrilling. We also rode on the Gondola Ride and got a chance to see the fascinating city of Venice while being entertained personally with Italian Musicians right on our Gondola.

Then we stopped by Tuscany to taste variety of wines but unfortunately I’m not a drinker so I sipped on random wines but nothing appeals to me. When we got to Florence, I failed doing that leaning pose at Piazza dei Miracoli but I gave it a shot anyways. The following day, we got a chance to see Michelangelo’s Masterpiece – “David” along with his other master art pieces.

City of Rome is another highlight of this trip! It feels like I was in New York & I’ve been a New Yorker for about 14 or more years, so it felt like home to me. There’s a lot of diverse culture with different choices of ethnic restaurants to choose. Of course here, we visited the Vatican and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, where we unfortunately weren’t allowed to take any photos or video. We fought through the rain and cold for this part of the tour but it was worth seeing the magnificent sculptures and beautifully painted walls. Then we also made a brief stop at the Spanish Steps where Italians hands out roses forcefully at you & expect to be paid. I’ve researched before heading to Italy so I avoided that scam, I refused their roses & I love roses! 😦 I also had a chance to get “Kiko” Italian makeup products, very few since they sale them all over the states here now as of currently & I had a black Friday deal so I scored!


The last day in Rome, we visited the Colosseum and it was really spectacular! It will always be under maintenance because it’s part of the nature but it was truly my surreal moment.

After Rome, we head down South to Sorrento. We first visited Pompeii and learned some interesting facts and is kind of rated “R” for those who are underage. They have penis shape markings from the walls, to sidewalks, to pavements on random stones on the streets that symbolize good luck. Yeah… I did not know that, so if anyone knows more, feel free to elaborate. But the view of the volcano was incredible.


We ended our tour in Sorrento but my one last highlight of the trip was definitely Capri! It was so gorgeous; I’m speechless about the scenery! This is a place where you will have to go there and experience it for yourself to get the feel. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience in Italy!



My highlights of 2015 would be getting a job at Beauteque, and I’m thankful that Elina (CEO of Beauteque) permitted me to have this long vacation during such a hectic season. So now I can check off Italy from my Bucket List. I’m truly grateful to have a wonderful husband who has given me a chance to see China (2013) & Italy (2015). We are still planning for future trips; I would love to visit Seoul & Japan during this year or the next. What about you guys? Share your traveling experiences and places you’ve already visited or if not – Where would you like to travel?


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