December BB Bag & Mask Maven Review & Recap

Hi Beauties!

It’s Cassi & Elizabeth here, and today we’re going to go through the products in our December BB Bag.

From the December BB Bag, I tried the Scinic Pig Collagen Jelly Cream. Pig collagen is closer to the collagen humans naturally produce, so it’s supposedly more topically effective than collagen from other sources.

At 25 years old, I don’t have an intense wrinkle problem so I can’t speak to the plumping effect this jelly cream is supposed to have on fine lines. However, I did replace my normal nighttime moisturizer with it for 5 nights so I can attest to its hydrating properties. My dermatologist recommends a gel moisturizer for my skin type, but I don’t find gels to be hydrating enough in the winter. This jelly cream is a pretty neat hybrid and does a great job of smoothing out the dry, flaky areas on my face without being too greasy or heavy. It did leave a bit of a light stickiness after applying it, so for this reason I would only use it at night. It has a light floral scent so it’s not too overwhelming to use before bed.

The great thing about the BB Bag is being able to try out products you normally wouldn’t – I would probably never have purchased the jelly cream for myself, but I actually really love it! It’s a great way to get acquainted with products you are curious about but don’t want to pay full price for.

Next I’d like to share with you the Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner. This was just 1 of 6 products that were featured in the December BB Bag. This lip liner has a creamy texture and spreads nicely and softly onto the lip. I found this liner very easy to use, unlike others that I have found to come off rough or sticky. On the other end, there is a nylon brush, which is great for smoothing out the liner and blending it right into your lipstick.

Tony Moly Lip

The color I used is Rose Pink 02, which was a very pretty reddish, pink color that happened to go perfect with a lipstick I already had. As you can see shown above, the color is really great for that pop, bold look! This lip liner did not smudge easily, and it also wasn’t a pain to get off – it’s a miracle, you get the best of both worlds!

From December’s Mask Maven, I tried out the Dr. Morita Snail Repair Essence sheet mask. I personally love snail products, so I was excited to try this mask out. My boyfriend was a peach and took some photos for me (aka I bribed him with Slim Jims)!


Upon taking the mask out of the pouch, I noticed it definitely had a more “medical” smell than other masks I’ve used. It wasn’t unpleasant or overbearing, but definitely different than the sweet/fruity scents I’m used to. It reminded me of something I would get from my dermatologist, which is a bonus! The mask itself was very thin but fit my long face pretty well.

I used it right before bed and noticed that my skin seemed calmer and smoother the next morning. The snail secretion filtrate definitely helps heal dry/flaky patches and reduces the appearance of acne marks and scars. I would absolutely use this mask again!

SNP Tiger Mask

Now I’d like to share with you my experience in using the SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask! This mask was just 1 of 9 masks that were featured in the December Mask Maven. I don’t have wrinkly skin at all, so judging by the name I went into this thinking “hmm what can this mask do for me?” but I love animal masks so just went with it. The Anti-Wrinkle Mask boosts dull skin cells with elastic energy leaving skin radiant and resilient, so no matter how wrinkly or non-wrinkly your skin is, turns out this mask will still do wonders for you.

SNP Tiger

How ADORABLE is this? Once I had the mask on, I felt like a little kid at a fair who just got her face painted, and definitely acted like it too. Not only was it super cute and fun, but the results were good too. I left the mask on for about fifteen minutes and then rubbed the remaining essence into my skin. After doing so, my skin felt very soft and smooth. I guess you really don’t need to have wrinkly skin to wear a wrinkle mask and be happy with results!

Overall, we really enjoyed trying out the products and are very excited to continue to use them in the future! If you have any comments about these products, or others featured in the December subscriptions, feel free to comment below!


Cassi & Elizabeth



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