Skincare Tips:  Pre & Post-NYE

When styling your NYE outfit, you tend to picture your clothes, your accessories, and your makeup. But what about your skin? Skin is the canvas on which your favorite looks come alive, so it’s important to make sure you have the cleanest, smoothest canvas possible. On the flip side, it’s equally as important to spend time and care removing your makeup. We all know that falling asleep with it on is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, especially after a long night of celebrating!

Tonight I’m going to talk about some products that can help you put your best face forward, both before the makeup and after it comes off.

Priming your skin is so important in creating a base for makeup. Nothing is worse than putting on your foundation and seeing large, flaky, dry patches of skin! Luckily, this is easily remedied with a few extra steps that will deliver all the hydration your skin needs to look its very best.

The first step in prepping your skin should be a nice scrub. Etude House has their Sunshine In Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt which is super gentle (even enough to use daily!) and also super hydrating.

Next, sheet masks are a great way to give skin a quick boost before going out. My personal favorite pre-party mask is My Beauty Diary’s Black Pearl Total Effect Black Mask. The black pearl ingredient is known for its revitalizing and hydrating properties, so it’s great for prepping pores and smoothing out uneven skin.

I love using eye masks before going out. They generally help reduce puffiness and dark circles (especially if I’m heading out after a long day at work!) which reduces my need for undereye concealer. Tony Moly’s EGF Second Skin Eye Goggles are a great choice as they provide a brightening effect.

As for post-NYE, makeup removal is crucial! One oil balm cleansing line that has gotten a lot of attention lately is Banila Co.’s Clean It To Zero. I personally love the reservatrol one, which contains antioxidants and helps to fight free radicals. This gentle cleanser removes even my waterproof mascara with minimal rubbing – it’s definitely a HG in my book.

An oil cleanser should be followed up with a foam cleanser, and one favorite is Innisfree’s Apple Juice Deep Cleansing Foam works. It smells amazing and apple extract is known to deep-clean pores and leave skin squeaky-clean.

And lastly, it wouldn’t be a true K-Beauty regimen without a sheet mask! They’re perfect to use the morning after celebrations while recovering in bed with Netflix. I would suggest a mask with ingredients like green tea or ginseng – both are known to recharge tired, dull skin. Both Innisfree and Missha make masks with these revitalizing essences.

Whatever your New Year’s plans are, all off us at the Beauteque team hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday! ❤️




4 thoughts on “Skincare Tips:  Pre & Post-NYE

  1. I fell in love with the Juicy Apple Cleanser from a free sample I received! Their Juicy Apple Cleansing Oil is nice too! Do you know the difference between the pink and green Banila Co Cleansing Balm?

    1. We love the apple cleansing oil too 🙂

      With regard to the Banila Co Clean It To Zero products – the pink one is their original formula. The green one is formulated with reservatrol, which is an antioxidant and has anti-aging properties! Hope that helps xo

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