Are YOU a Social Beauty?

Hello all, Beauteque’s got some big news today!

We have officially launched the Beauteque Social Beauty program.

What is a social beauty, you ask?

A social beauty loves beauty products in general, swears by K-beauty products specifically, and always knows the hottest and latest products and trends practically the second they exist!

A social beauty may have her own blog, vlog, or tumblr dedicated to beauty, but even if she doesn’t, she is active on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or possibly more.

A social beauty already likely posts about her fave products, makeup hauls, skincare reviews, etc.

And now, she has a place to earn a little something more for her love of all things beauty.

By joining the Social Beauty program, one will earn a unique coupon code that she can share with her friends and followers to shop at Beauteque. When the coupon is redeemed on 5 orders or more, she will start to earn rewards!

Rewards can come in the form of store credit to earn even more of the products she loves, OR she can opt for monetary commission. On a-month-to-month basis, she can switch between the two types of rewards!

So, what else is awesome about being a Social Beauty?

Unlike other sales programs, there is no obligation to buy a starter kit and demo products. You just need that passion for beauty and some social media accounts to be in business!

It is up to YOU if you wish to show the products in-person and increase your sales that way, but we do not pressure you to do so.

So, let’s recap: there are no start-up costs involved. Travel is not necessary. There is no pressure of sales quotas. You have nothing to lose, and only the opportunity to gain, from becoming a Social Beauty.

That said, are YOU a Social Beauty?

To learn more, email today!








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