Holiday Baking by Beauteque

Hey guys!


It’s the most wonderful tummy-full time of the year! My last holiday-related post was about fashion, which I love, but today I’m talking about my all-time favorite thing – FOOD!


I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love baking for the holidays. Having a catholic mother and Jewish father, I actually get the best of both worlds and celebrate Chrismukkah. Sadly, I did not get around to any Hanukkah baking this year. Ever since I was young, my mom and I have always gone all out with Christmas cookies, brownies, candies, and several other delicious desserts. So far this year, I have made decorated sugar cookies, shortbread cookie bites, powder cookies, and chocolate peanut butter bars. These are just some of my favorites to make!


Coming from a Scottish background, shortbread cookies are a must! Ok maybe that has nothing to do with being Scottish, but I like to say it. These little cookie bites are so easy to make and so convenient. They’re great to have around the house to just pop some in your mouth, but great for traveling as well. Because they’re so tiny, you don’t have to worry about them getting destroyed on a long drive!


These cookies have several different names, I’ve heard “Snowball Cookies”, “Mexican Wedding Cakes”, and many more, but that’s not what I call them. My mom began making these cookies before I was even born, so when I was young I called them “powder balls,” and it stuck. So yes, these cookies are now called powder balls. There may not be any Christmas decorations or colors added, but these cookies just feel so Christmassy to me!


Steering away from cookies, I also made chocolate peanut butter bars. These are my favorite. Though I titled this blog “Holiday Baking” there is no baking needed for these! These bars are so easy to make, and so great to eat.


Last but definitely not least, we have sugar cookies! These cookies are almost too cute to eat. The best part of making these cookies is probably the decorating, not the eating. Don’t get me wrong, they taste delicious, but creating little presents and snowmen is so much fun!

With Christmas only four days away, I hope I have inspired all of you beauties to go get baking!





2 thoughts on “Holiday Baking by Beauteque

  1. I love baking at Christmas too. I’ve already made some Peanut Butter cookies which are almost all gone. I’m making Sugar cookies later this week. MMMMM I love baking at the holidays.

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