Go-To Looks: Christmas

Happy Fashion Friday!


As Christmas is approaching, all I can think about is what to wear! Tis the season for holiday parties, and between friends, family, and work, multiple outfits are needed.

For holiday parties, dressing up is a must, and dresses are key. Sticking to color schemes are always fun and festive, so reds and greens are great around this time. The best part about wearing red is the variety of colors in that family. I’m talking candy apple, wine, burgundy, maroon, and so many more. I love a pair of pumps with dresses like the ones shown above, but you can also keep it more casual with some flats or booties!

For more casual events, such as family parties, work parties, or smaller get-togethers, sweaters are great! Especially oversized, sweaters and cardigans keep you casual, comfy, and super cute. Throw one of these on with leggings or tights and some boots and you’re good to go. Sweater dresses are a great go-to look for these occasions (check out the olive one shown above on the left)! You could also find ways to dress up sweaters by adding jewelry, the right pair of heels, and fab makeup.

Nothing made me happier than velvet/velour making a comeback a couple years ago. I wait all year long just to break out that same material I crazed over for the first eight years of my life. Velvet and velour are definitely the best materials for winter in general, but they totally scream Christmas! Dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, you name it; if it’s this soft, sleek material, it works. Not only does it look great, but it feels great as well! (Just try not to touch it too much, you might get weird looks!)

Now, let’s talk makeup! For the winter holidays, you want to have a fierce, bold look and statement lipstick is the best way to get it. Dark lipstick is a gal’s best accessory in fall and winter, as shown on Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner. As shown on Rihanna and Taylor Swift, bright red is also a great, classy look for this time, especially around Christmas. With bold lips, you don’t want to overdo the eyes. It’s best to keep eyeshadow to some simple nudes and shimmer, as shown on all four celebrities above.

I don’t know about you, but I am VERY excited for the holidays. Presents are alright, but showing of my favorite holiday looks, now that’s exciting. Now that you have more input on a go-to holiday look, get shopping and show it off! Happy Holidays to all!




*All images found on TobiNecessary ClothingAsos, and Google Images*


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