#ManiMonday: Winter Gel Designs

Hey, Beauties!

I’m proud to announce that we’re resurrecting Mani Monday – once a month, we’ll bring you a themed nail art design, a tutorial, nail tips, or a feature of manis we love!

Winter is coming and more importantly – the holidays are coming and it couldn’t feel less like the season. Our December here in New Jersey has been littered with days with temperatures that reached well above 60 degrees, so the whole dashing through the snow feeling hasn’t exactly sunk in yet (and Christmas is only 11 days away!)



I decided to force myself to get into the holiday spirit by creating a winter-themed mani, complete with snowflakes and falling snow. Though my snowflakes look a bit more like branches or maybe antlers, I’m ok with that! I normally don’t have something so light on my nails, so it’s definitely nice to have a more feminine look to my hands for the next two weeks.


I do all of my designs in OPI Gel Color so they last longer. It’s frustrating to come up with a cool manicure only to have it chip on you the next day – I know y’all know what I mean! So if you’re thinking of getting your designs in gel color this season, here are some tips to help them stay longer and also protect the health of your natural nails:

  • Be sure your tech is properly prepping your nails – they should be dehydrating your nails with alcohol or acetone and lightly buffing the surface of your natural nail with a fine-grit buffer. If they try to touch your natural nail with a drill or rough-grit nail file, get out of there! Many times, this is the reason people see brittle nails after they remove gels.
  • Make sure the products being used for your service are from reputable companies – if you can’t see a label on a product your tech is using, chances are they are using an extremely cheap or even illegal alternative that could contain harmful ingredients.
  • Don’t pick at your gels! I know this is the hardest part – when they start to chip or peel it’s so tempting to just rip them off at home. Do not do this!! Every time you peel your gels off, you are actually peeling off layers of your natural nail along with them. If you can’t wait to get to your tech to remove them, you can do it at home by soaking your nails in 100% pure acetone for about 15-20 minutes and gently pushing the softened gels off your nails.
  • Moisturize! It’s easy to overlook your nails and cuticles when it comes to moisturizing. It’s not a bad idea to keep a small bottle of cuticle oil (they’ll run you about $5 max and there are tons of DIY alternatives!) with you and apply it a few times a day to combat the damage they take from frequent hand washings and being out in the cold.

So whether you plan on decking out your nails this holiday season or not, they could always use some TLC. I hope these tips are useful in relieving some of your nails’ winter blues!





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