Say “Hi” to Thigh Highs!

A huge fashion favorite right now is thigh highs. Of course the craze last year was over the knee boots, but who needs those when you can have over the thigh boots? Whether you’re wearing boots or socks, if they are up to your thigh, they are totally in. Let’s face it, anything that draws attention to a girl’s leg is on point. There are so many different outfit types that go great with thigh highs. I’m talking skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, and leggings. Winter may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still show a little skin!


Let’s talk boots. You can dress it up and wear your boots with a fancy dress, as shown on Miranda Kerr, or even a simple dress, as shown on Blake Lively. This type of outfit is great for both fancy and casual events, and of course for a night out! You can also dress it down, as shown on Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, and keep it super casual. This type of outfit is great for almost any outing; shopping, going out to eat, hanging out with friends, grabbing drinks, you name it.


Let’s talk socks. I’m not talking knee high school girl socks, I’m talking sexy, over the thigh socks. Just like boots, you could either dress it up or dress it down. My personal favorite look is a skater skirt with ankle booties and socks, like the girl shown above on the right. With this look, you show off enough to be sexy, but keep it fashionable and trendy enough to be classy.

Don’t let yourself fall behind on the hot, new trends! If you’re not rocking your boots and socks past your thighs, you’re doing it wrong. Go out and find these beauties, your thighs will thank you!





*All pictures found on Google Images*


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