Introducing Botanic Farm

Introducing Botanic Farm

Hello Beauties!

Have you heard of this new brand Botanic Farm?! It is breaking into Korean Beauty by storm!




Botanic Farm is an extremely green company whose products are made only from ingredients that are grown on its farm. This means that all of the products are made from completely natural ingredients. As a green company Botanic Farm makes four promises to its customers. Promise #1: We guarantee that all of our products are made from natural grains, plants, and flowers. Promise #2: We use recycled fabrics for our masks and patches. Promise #3: All printed materials are made from soy ink. Promise #4: We constantly strive to find ways to provide great quality products as well as protect the environment.




At Beauteque we have a wide variety of sheet masks by Botanic Farm for your facial pleasures! These sheet masks range from broccoli all the way to sea mustard. What a selection! Along with the sheet mask at Beauteque we also offer a Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Hydrogel Eye Patch.




Each sheet mask offered by Botanic Farm has a different facial purpose depending on the ingredients within said mask. For example rice can clean the skin and provide nutrition. It makes the skin healthy and bright. To use any of these sheet masks you clean your face with toner and then remove the film from the mask and place it on your face. Press the mask to your skin and let it rest there for about 20 minutes. After removing gently pat the rest of the essence into your skin to receive full benefits. The Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Hydrogel employs hydrogel materials and adds enriched salmon egg essence, which supplies water and nutrients for dry parts around the eyes and the nasolabial folds region, and restores the resilience of your skin. To use this product simply take the eye mask out using the built in spoon. Attached the mask to the part of your eye that needs to be replenished. Allow it to sit on that spot for 20-30 minutes then remove and massage in the remaining essence.




Beauteque is honored to be selling a product made by a company that is so environmentally green. These products are ones that Beauteque is extremely proud to be selling its customers and looks forward to seeing what other great products Botanic Farms will be producing soon! All Botanic Farm products can be found at

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