Campus Corner: Jamie Reviews a Cow Brand Goodie

Hello fellow beauty lovers!

My name is Jamie Sy-Quia and I am a Beauteque Campus Ambassador at Loyola Marymount University for Fall 2015! I am currently pursuing an English major with a Graphic Design minor, and I hope to one day become an editor for a beauty/lifestyle magazine! I am so grateful to have the opportunity of participating in Beauteque’s Campus Ambassador Program, where I’ll not only get to learn more about the benefits of Korean beauty/skincare, but also share my love for their incredible products with all of you guys!


IMG_1156(1) Before trying out the product, I looked over the product’s description and was very excited about its claims:

> removes make up and dirt

> moisturizing

> gentle/mild formula for sensitive and dry skin

For the directions, it says to:

“Take an appropriate amount onto hands and lather until foam starts to form. Then apply to face and gently massage skin until all of the makeup is removed.”

When I tried following these directions, I found that the product wasn’t foaming the way it said it would. Rather, it remained the same creamy consistency as how it was when it first came out of the bottle. This was a little disappointing, but luckily, after rubbing it in several times, the makeup began breaking down. The eyeshadow and blush came off like a piece of cake, though the eyeliner did require a bit more pressure. I then rinsed off whatever remained on my skin with warm water, and left behind I found my skin completely clean and moisturized!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.54.19 PMOverall, I really liked this product and would give it a 4/5 stars. It achieved all of its claims, and I really liked how my skin felt so soft and moisturized after using it. My only complaint would be that it did take a bit longer when it came to removing the eyeliner. But considering that this product is meant to be a gentler formula, I’m still impressed with the results and can definitely see how this would be a great product for those with more sensitive skin!

If you’re looking for a gentle moisturizing makeup remover, then I definitely encourage you to try out this product!

Hopefully this review was helpful, and I can’t wait to keep updating you all on these amazing products! See you next time! ❤


Jamie Sy-Quia



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