Campus Corner: Meet Ambassador Lea H!

I was never a fan of using facial masks, because I didn’t see the benefit in them. I would watch people either smear a strange colored paste on their face, or I would see people wearing what looked like a white sheet and laugh. However, I have become a big fan of masks, and now I do one either every week or every two weeks.

aloeboThe mask that I used this week is the Aloe Natural Energy Sheet Mask. I’m not going to lie, I laughed when I first put it on my face. Shortly after I had it on, I had to sneeze. Don’t worry, I didn’t. My face immediately felt alive. I know that sounds strange, but the ingredients in the mask woke up my senses, and it felt very refreshing.

I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, and once I took it off my skin felt very soft, and I used my hands to incorporate the remainder of the product into my skin. I plan on using this mask, as well as others like it again. Not only does it get a great reaction out of my roommates, but it also makes my skin feel great!

Until next time,


Peace out!


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