Campus Corner: Meet Ambassador April D.!

Hello Friends!

My name is April Dai, and I am one of Beauteque’s first Campus Ambassadors at Rutgers University for the Fall Semester of 2015. I really wanted to give in dept reviews of all the makeup and masks in the August BB Bag, but there were just so many products! I couldn’t decide on one beauty product to talk about, so I’m going to talk about most of products I love from the bag!

april_3One of first products I chose to use was the Blotting Paper. I think the packaging of this product is just the cutest. It looks like an envelope with the Eiffel Tower on the left corner. They continued with the envelope and letter theme, by having the blotting paper in place of where someone would find a letter. The blotting paper themselves are very similar to tissue paper. Once the oil is absorbed from the face to the paper, the paper becomes clear. It is a very satisfactory experience to blot off all the excess oil. Trust me. Also it is a $5 value!


The Next Product I’d like to mention is the Pure Derm Hair Mask. This mask is probably the most effective hair product that I have ever used. However, the process of using it is a little inconvenient if you are on a tight schedule. To use this product, you first have to shampoo your hair and rinse, before applying the mask. The mask has a conditioner like consistency, and smells exactly like honey. After application you have to wait around 5-15minutes before washing off the product. For me I just watched a little bit of Netflix before popping back in the shower. The final reveal was amazing! After drying the hair out it is already very noticeable how soft my hair was. My previously damaged colored hair was transformed into luscious shiny locks. I feel like it even boosted the color of my hair. Here is some visual proof of a before and after. This is a $6.95 value product!

april_hair1april_hair2 april_hair3

The third product I will be reviewing is the Hanaka V-Line Chin Patch. Many of you might be confused to why there would even be a mask for someone’s chin. Well, Asian beauty standards include having small faces, which includes having a chin in a V shape, meaning no double chins. I read on the description of the product that it includes collagen and centella asiatica, which are both skin firming agents. I honestly found this product comical when using it. You apply it by hooking the mask on your ears, and then having the rest of the mask molding your chin for 20 minutes. It smelled super lovely. I kind of wished it was a perfume, instead of a surgeon mask. All jokes aside. It was a very relaxing experience, I just looked very ridiculous. Here are the most serious pictures I have taken of me using the V-Line Chin Patch. A $3.80 value!

april_vline1 april_vline2

The last honorable mention is one of the free gifts included in the BB bag. It was the Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask by Hanaka. It was probably the most fun out of all the masks that I have used. If you ever used a pore strip, it has a very similar concept as that, but instead it is a pore strip for your entire face. Yes, this means you have to have some pain tolerance. The product surprised me when I first opened it. I expected a sheet mask, however what came out was a goopy liquid. I quickly panicked and applied the mask as fast as I can before it dropped to the floor. Very soon I was laughing at my appearance that my roommate rushed over to see. I had enough left for her to apply a coat on her face also. As soon as the product dried I began to peel the product off. I made it my goal to get the mask off in one piece. It was great. I loved studying the gunk that the mask was able to get off of my face. I really recommend these masks! I also included some of my friends who decided to try out this mask! 😀

april_blackmask1 april_blackmask2 april_blackmask3 april_blackmask4 april_blackmask5

Well, that’s all I have for you for now! It was nice sharing my fun times with you! Make up is fun! Masks are Fun! I’m having a blast with these products. Signing off!


~ April Dai


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