Campus Corner: Lisa Reviews PureDerm’s Peeling Gel

Hello beauty lovers! My name is Lisa Azcona and I am a Beauteque Campus Ambassador at NYU. I am a Media, Culture and Communication major and I aspire to become an entertainment news journalist in the future. I have a passion for all things entertainment, celebrity, fashion and especially beauty. That’s why I love working with Beauteque! Being a campus ambassador allows me to learn so much about skincare and cosmetics! And most importantly, it gives a platform that allows me to share my knowledge with beauty lovers like YOU!

Plus, the Korean skincare products on Beauteque have done wonders to my face!  I can’t wait to give you some insight on my favorite product from Beauteque’s August BB Bag!

*Drum roll please*

Purederm’s “Clean & Fresh Peeling Gel”!!


I absolutely love this product because after every use my face feels squeaky clean and rejuvenated! First off, the packaging is superconvenient.  It’s easy to pour into your hands—a.k.a you’ll steer clear from making a mess! But, it’s also great because you can put the cap on and avoid any of it going to waste. One of these can last me up to three uses, which is super beneficial for college students like me who keep a tight wallet!

I usually use the product right before bed because it helps me unwind and gives my face the care it needs for a good night sleep! Upon opening the product, the first thing that caught my attention was the citrus aroma—a mixture of apple, lemon and orange scents! Yum! Furthermore, the product has a very thin consistency, making it easy to apply onto your face. After one minute, it’s time to wash it off! As I wash the product off my face (with lukewarm water), I make sure that I massage the product thoroughly. My favorite part is when I can feel how it exfoliates my face and removes all the build-up and grime of the day. As I pat my face dry with my towel, I can immediately tell the difference! My skin is noticeably firmer and tighter, making for an overall healthier look! And trust me; if you’re a college girl like me, who juggles a lot all at once, you’ll be thankful to have a product that keeps you glowing (even on your roughest days!).

If you’re eager to try some of Beauteque’s AH-mazing products, Beauteque’s October BB Bag is definitely a beauty must-have! Who knows maybe you’ll be as lucky as me and find a product you absolutely love! Make sure to head over to to subscribe and get your own BB Bag today!

I can’t wait to keep updating you with all my beauty favorites this semester! It’s been a pleasure! 🙂


Lisa Azcona



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