Etude House “Dear My Blooming” Lipstick in BE101

Hello bloggers! This is Shu here again. Today, I have a brief review on the Etude House Lipstick from the “Dear My Blooming” collection. First off, I’m a lipstick addict. I own tons of lipsticks, over more than a hundred to be exact and still collecting. I’m saying this with no intention of bragging in any way. Some people collect shoes, clothes, stamps, bottles, etc. But one main thing I collect are definitely lipsticks aside from eye shadows, that’s another story.

Jumping back to the review, Etude House’s Dear My Blooming Lipstick Line has outdone themselves with their packaging alone. It’s just adorable! From the shape of the lipstick tube to the embossed swirls on the lipstick bullet.

new                                       new_2


The color I chose to test out is called “Worrying Beige” #BE101, of course out of all the colors, I’m into neutral lip shades. I stick to the nudes because it’s definitely a safe color and it’s a wearable color for daily use.  That being said, this neutral color on the other hand comes off as orangey peachy beige on my naturally pigmented lips. It’s definitely not one of those nudes that makes you look washed-out. I know there are many girls out there who aren’t fond of dead looking lips, so if you are afraid to wear nudes because of that reason, don’t hesitate to give this one a try! Also, the formula of this lipstick feels very creamy on the lips, and it has a tint of glossy feel as well so it keeps my lips moisturized. I know from my experience that after trying out this first shade, I want to further invest in many more shades in the future. I highly recommend this lipstick, not only because of the packaging but because of the overall feel!

This lipstick is on sale at now along with other flower themed products within the “Secret Garden” sale.



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