Campus Corner: Anna M. Shows 5 Looks with Miss Hana Eyeliner

Hey bloggers!

My name is Anna Maszera and I am a Beauteque Campus Ambassador. I attend Rutgers University and I am finishing up my last year here! I am going for my Bachelors in Communication and specializing in PR. My minor is Digital Communications Information & Media so blogging, social media, technology, and media is something I find interesting. Being an intern at Beauteque gives me the opportunity like this to share my secrets and love for make up! I have my license in Cosmetology so anything with the word beauty or cosmetic in it gets me excited. I would love to introduce you all to the liner “Miss Hana”.


First rule of makeup is always start with eyes after your daily skin care routine is complete. Something all us girls struggle with is eyeliner application. Whether it is a basic underline or that frisky cat eye. We get frustrated, give up, and wonder how these makeup gurus do it! Well never fear I was introduced to Miss Hana eyeliner and was able to try 5 looks that can be for a night out or a day of shopping. Since this is stick liner and not liquid with a bolder point I found a way to get the sleek line and I will let you in on my secrets! My first look is the basic under eye look that I pretty much wear every day and is my day time look.


I do not put liner in my waterline because my eyes tend to tear and create a smudged look on the corners of my eyes. If this is you do what I do and apply UNDERNEATH the bottom lashes lightly to get a profound shaped eye. This will bring your mascara and liner look together and emphasis your eye shape. I do not go all the way in with it because that is my style. I like to stop where my lashes stop. One quick stroke on each side and you’re ready for the rest of your makeup application.


My second look is a tiny winged liner look. If you’re about the upper eyeliner look and want the winged look, but are only running errands then do this little number! I keep the under lash liner look and use an eyeliner brush, run it under water, then apply the Miss Hana eyeliner to it. By doing this the brush will be covered with the makeup and ready to be applied using a brush. What I love about Miss Hana is that it is so creamy and not a hard pencil that when I want to mold and create the sleek line I can.


If you do not have a brush that is completely fine. Make sure the pencil is sharpened to a point and in one motion move the line from the outer corner to the upper lid leaving the top lid line a bit skinnier so it blends nicely with the lashes. For the better straight line with the wing, apply a small piece of tape to the height of the wing you are trying to achieve. It is not necessary in this case because it is so small, but if you wanted you could even use Q-Tips to fix any smudges.


This look is fun with a light smokey eye or just by itself. So if you prefer the darker look for day or night, this is a fun look. If you are not a fan of eye shadow you can rock it by itself and it looks like you took so much time to do your makeup!crop_4oval_crop

My third look is a sexy and sleek winged eye. I love doing this one because I am all about the dramatic eye when I have to do my makeup for a special occasion.


I have to warn you though it is tricky with a pencil liner. So do what I said before: wet the brush, cover it with the Miss Hana liner and apply tape to the outer corner of your eyes. Place the tape to the height of the liner you are trying to achieve. Now follow that line with the brush from the corner of your eye and out. Now pick up your brush and go from the outer point of the eyeliner and sweep back in, in one motion making a triangle to the top of your lashes. You want to make sure it is a very skinny triangle motion otherwise you will have a thick upper liner.


My pictures that are shaped in arrows will show you what I mean by that. Once you do that just fill in the little left open areas.


crop_8                                             crop_9

Now at least for me, but if the Kardashians are doing it you know it’s in style! So I saw Kim Kardahian do this a couple months ago: it’s a winged look, but what’s better than one? Two! Two winged eye liner look. Do what I told you to do in the first and second looks then simply make a basic straight line right under the first wing. After that you can add white liner or white shadow, or any color you see fit in between the two liners. It is simple, but edgy and can be a day, or night time look. I have rocked it in the day time and by adding that second line I had so many people stop me and complement me. Who doesn’t love complements?


crop_11              crop

Miss Hana is versatile and that is what I need in my life. I don’t have to go out and buy 3 different liners to make my life more complicated as a student and woman! I recommend it for you makeup lovers. You won’t know unless you try! And remember patience is key to a masterpiece!


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