What Is The Hype About Milk In Korean Beauty?

Hi Everyone! I am Elina, the CEO of Beauteque, and today I want to talk about a very popular ingredient from Korean Skincare, milk.

Milk is a very popular ingredient in Asia known to moisturize, soften, and whiten your skin. It is rare to use raw milk itself for skincare but I have heard that women in Asia would bathe in milk to soften and whiten their skin.

Some popular Korean beauty products with “milk” are shown below:

  1. The “Skinfood Green Tea Cleansing Cream” is a cleanser that is made out of milk and green tea. This type of cleanser is a little different from most because it does not have any oils within it. While using it, you will feel a very light green tea scent.

.milk32. The milk sponge is a tool used to remove your makeup. The sponge is infused with milk within it so when you put the cleanser on your sponge and rub it on your face, the milk will be released along with the cleanser to leave your face very clean.

milk43.  The “Secret Key Donkey Milk Hand Cream” is a very innovative product because of its ingredient, donkey milk. Donkey milk is known to help out sensitive skin and eczema because of how soothing and gentle it is. It is very rich in protein and has a lot of Vitamin C.


These three are just some of the many products that will be featured in the “Milky Way” sale. Take this chance to receive 15% off on all milk products.


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