A Day In The Life: Graphic Designer

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

This will be my second post here on Beauteque’s Blog, aside from the “Be Your Best Self” tag. Please expect more of my blog posts to come!

I’m Shulaing a.k.a Shu, a recent Graphic Design intern at Beauteque since 1st of June this year. Before I begin to further explain what my day is like being a designer at Beauteque, I want to announce that I will be jumping to the Marketing Team and will be working as a full-time employee, starting August 24th. I honestly appreciate this opportunity given to me by the CEO of this company, thank you Elina!


As a Graphic Designer, my day starts off by checking my Sharepoint account at the start of Monday each week for assignments listed by my supervisor, Kathy, the Graphic Design Manager. I then would contact the marketing and social media departments to get more information about the assigned projects through email, or sometimes I talk one-on-one with them for further details.

My job becomes easier once I can get all of the information needed for that specific assigned project. I can then, with the best of my ability, create drafts and layouts to make their visions come to life with the help of my Adobe programs, Photoshop and Illustrator CS6.

My design varies from promotion to promotion each week. Beauteque Marketing ideas are usually adorable and they are mainly about makeup, skincare, and essentially “ALL THINGS BEAUTY”. So it makes my job simple because I’m a beauty addict and also a makeup enthusiast. This is my confession (LOL).

Anyways, back to describing about my designer life. Of course with every job there are PROs and CONs. I’m going to start off with the CONs because I want to end things in a positive note. There are minor issues with my job, first of all, I’m using my ancient Macbook Pro which is about 8 years old to create my designs, but I make sure to back-up my work and save each project as much as possible. However, there are times when I’m close to the deadline and get overwhelmed – that’s when things can go a bit chaotic. There were times where I had completely lost a whole 5 to 8 hours worth of projects because I didn’t get a chance to save my work and the program acts up by crashing. With those situations, I have no choice but to start from scratch. Of course it doesn’t happen too often because I’m more conscious now and have to endure more patience. It’s one of the designer’s worst nightmares!

Aside from those technical issues, everything else flows well. I usually get my projects done on time and if I don’t finish, I continue working from home because I have a thing about being a perfectionist. I can get pretty creative with my designs based on inspirations and from other feedbacks. I take it as constructive criticism because it only helps me create my layouts better. It’s a great feeling to experience knowing that a customer or the marketing team is super satisfied with the finished outcome. I’ve created some good work here at Beauteque that I can add to my design portfolio as my career grows. I also get to be a photographer for mainly social media posts as well.

SkinFood_H2T_NewMiniEmail_Artboard 7

I’m sure some of you guys who are reading this post have been to either Beauteque’s shopping site, Beauteque’s social media platforms and receive emails by Beauteque. From there, you can see some of the slides, mini emails, emails, banners, and images I’ve designed along with my design team. Recently I’ve created “Head to Toe SkinFood” promotion, the “Glamorous and Giggles Collaboration”, along with other various promotions. I’m also currently designing upcoming promotions that you guys should feel excited about because the deals that Beauteque offers are usually great and I personally love Korean beauty products. I’ve discovered K-beauty in 2009 when Michelle Phan was beginning to trend in the beauty industry. Thanks to her, I was intrigue with Asian Cosmetics.


Here I am off topic again, but to end this blog, this will be my last week of designing as of now, but Elina mentions that I won’t have to completely stop my design job. I’m looking forward to experiencing the side of the Marketing world. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog and I hope it isn’t too random.


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