Product Review: Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner

Hi all, its Komal here with a product review from Beauteque’s recent New Arrivals. Beauteque just added many fun and exciting products. Beauteque added the The Yeon skincare products which are undeniably cute. Not only was skincare added but many makeup items were added too! I’m really excited to try the Innisfree creammellow lipsticks, they come in a variety of fun shades. Luckily, I got to test out the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in brown. I was very excited to see if it stood up to its products claim!


Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner comes in many shades. My favorites are the black, brown and khaki black. Tony Moly claims that this gel liner applies smoothly onto the skin and doesn’t smudge. Tony Moly also claims that a waterproof film is formed on top of the skin to make it long-lasting. After trying this, I was impressed. These claims actually were true and I was happy with the end result. The best part was that it included a brush along with the eyeliner!


At first, because of the texture of this gel I thought this product would smudge and I wouldn’t be able to control it. But I was totally wrong, it was really easy to apply. I don’t usually wear eyeliner on a normal basis because it takes a lot of time for me to get both sides even, and usually it just doesn’t look good. So for someone who lacks the experience with applying eye liner, I was able to achieve a really clean line on both eyes. The product glided on smoothly and the application went really fast. I would say that this eyeliner is water resistant because it lasted long without fading in color. The color was very pigmented which was the most impressive. When I tried to remove it, it was really easy to get off with some makeup remover. I didn’t have to rub at my eyes to get it off.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I really would. This was my first time trying gel eyeliner and I really liked this product because it was easy to put on and looked good the entire time I had it on. I would recommend this to beginners and those who have experience putting on eyeliner. The easy glide on application of the brush allows you to control the line that you create. This will definitely be my go to eyeliner from now on!

You can find the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in multiple colors at This product is a sweet steal, get yours while it lasts! Check out the rest of the exciting new arrivals that Beauteque just got!




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