The Ultimate Anti-Aging Product Guide

Hi Guys!  It’s Kaitlyn again. You might be wondering why I’m writing an anti-aging guide. Trust me, I know a lot of our readers are not old! However, research shows that an anti-aging regimen should begin in your 20s! It makes sense, though. How we treat our skin now leads to long term effects in the future. I learned this information as soon as I started working at Beauteque. Although I’ve always been into skin care, learning this made me realize I should actually educate myself on the subject to make sure I’m taking the right precautions.

Some basic but important steps to anti-aging are drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking, and using a sunscreen. We’ve all heard this before, but I know most people don’t like adding a sunscreen to their daily routine because they tend to be thick and greasy. Even if you’re not laying out in the sun all day, the sun is still affecting your skin any time you step outside or sit by a window.

What I’ve found to be helpful is finding a daily moisturizer, foundation or BB Cream with an SPF.  A good one to try is Lioele Waterdop BB Cream. What’s great about this product is not only does it contain an SPF, but it’s also specifically designed to moisturize dry skin – an important step in anti-aging. There is also no sticky or greasy residue!


Growing up, my mom always kept a bag full of anti-aging creams and serums by our coffee table so she would never forget to apply them. Conveniently, I had access to them and often experimented with them as well. Now that I’m on my own and no longer have access to the ridiculously expensive creams my mom collected, I’ve realized I need to find my own. Once again, working at Beauteque has helped me out because I’ve learned about an anti-aging essence by Innisfree. It uses natural ingredients, which is definitely a plus for anti-aging!


Speaking of ingredients, there are also certain ingredients you can look out for in your products that promote younger looking skin. Collagen, for example, is an important ingredient that helps maintain the elasticity of skin. Personally, I think the Baroness Collagen Sheet Mask is a great product because sheet masks are super cheap and easy to use. If you’re not looking to spend that extra money on an anti-aging essence, this is definitely something more attainable and budget friendly.


In reality, nobody has time to use sheet masks all the time. I also like to have products on hand that I can just apply quickly and then start my day. Etude House makes this great anti-aging emulsion, which is perfect for everyday use. This product firms, moisturizes and delivers nutrients that absorb deep into your skin. I also think this is a great option for young women just starting an anti-aging routine because it’s not pricey at all.


I hope you guys learned a thing or two about skin care and I’m sure your skin will thank you in the future for informing yourself now instead of later! Working at Beauteque has opened my eyes to the importance of proper skin care, so I’m super excited that I get to pass this knowledge on to others.




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