Be Your Best Self Tag: Elina

This week, many people from the Beauteque team will be participating in the “Be Your Best Self” tag. This tag has 10 questions focusing on positivity and personal experiences about being your best self. I will be starting off with my tag, so please enjoy it!

  • Was there a time where you had to be brave in a difficult situation?

Yes, when I was eleven years old, my grandmother had a stroke. At that time my parents were both very busy with their careers, so I often took care of my grandmother alone in the hospital. Because of that, I had to make some important decisions for her. I was definitely very nervous and scared but I knew I had to be brave for my grandmother and family.

  • Who inspires you to be your best self?

My mother, Josephine, is always the person to inspire me to be my best self. Whenever I come across a personal or career difficulty, she is always there to encourage me to try my hardest and do the best I can. She tells me that I do not have to be someone I cannot be or do something I cannot do, but to just be the best I can be at all times.

  • What is your greatest personal achievement?

My greatest personal achievement is starting Beauteque and growing it to the way it is today. I never thought I could have done it at such a young age, so I am very proud of how it came along and I look forward to how it can develop in the future.

  • Share a time where you acted selflessly.

A few years ago, I had a plan to go to Asia for a month for vacation but my grandmother suddenly had a stroke. Instead of going like planned, I decided to not go and stay to take care of her for the entire summer. I am very glad I made that decision because she was able to live through the stroke and today, she is still healthy and happy at 94.

  • What is the best compliment you have ever given?

The best compliment that I have ever given was to my mother. I believe that she is the one person in my life that deserves the biggest accolade. I told her that I appreciate her very much for working hard and sacrificing so much for the family. Although I may argue with her from time to time, in the bottom of my heart, I love her more than anything.

  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?

The best compliment I received was actually also from my mom. She is not someone to compliment people, especially me, so hearing her say such sweet things to me was very moving. She told me that she was extremely proud of the young woman that I became to be. She also said that she was not confident about how I could manage Beauteque in the beginning and that I proved her wrong by growing Beauteque to the way it is today.

  • What’s your best beauty tip?

My best beauty tip would have to be to use skincare. I believe that makeup is only a temporary remedy for troubled skin and that skincare is the long term problem solver. I am currently using the Secret Key Tea Tree Toner and the Lioele AC Control Lotion.

  • What beauty product makes you feel like your best self?

The My Beauty Diary sheet masks I use always make me feel my best self. Every time I finish using them, my skin feels nice and refreshed and it also looks great.

  • What do you do that makes you feel like your best self?

I constantly try to donate as much as I can to charities. I volunteer my time frequently by visiting senior homes or soup kitchens to help out. This makes me feel my best self because I am working hard to help others in need which is a quality trait I always try to have.

  • What is something that you love about yourself?

I love my nature to compliment people when I see something that is worth complimenting. I understand the feeling of doing something well but having no one notice so I try to compliment people as much as I can. Whether it may be family, friends, or co-workers, I love to say something sweet to see a smile on their face.

I want to tag Caitlin S, Rachel Harlow from Harlot Beauty, and Kristen H. from Newlyminted to also to participate in the tag. I also encourage more people to help spread the positivity by participating in this tag.


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