Friday Favorites

Hey all, I am back for another edition of Friday Favorites! I will tell you all my favorite things from this past week or so! I’ll hit some different hot topics, all of which tickled my fancy this week and they cover quite a bit of aspects of life, so there’s something here for everyone! Alright here we go:

Books Go Set A Watchman: The sequel (or prequel, depending on how you look at it) to To Kill a Mockingbird just came out and I’m just about done with it, and I could not be more thrilled to read more from Harper Lee. Quite the controversy surrounding this book, both with the permission (or lack of) for it to be published and the huge character shifts, especially Atticus. Push the haters aside I say, this book is fantastic and at the top of my favorites list.


BeautyBeauteque’s New Arrivals: Oh man, Beauteque’s new arrivals are insane and every new product we have is perfect! We got a few products back in stock (macaroon lip balms, Etude House Missing U Hand creams) as well as some newbies that you need to check out (I won’t ruin the surprise for you). I could not just pick one product as my favorite, so I’m naming all of them my favorites, and you can figure out which is your favorite at under New Arrivals!


SpacePluto: Whether Pluto is a planet or not depends on who you talk to, but everyone was buzzing about this new picture that just came out. Even though I’m not a huge space person, it took 10 years to get to Pluto just to take this picture so I really can’t deny how cool this is.


Sports- In case you forgot, I am a big sports fan so this section might just be my favorite of my favorites. Tom Brady made himself look super guilty by wrecking his phone, making it pretty certain he is guilty of deflate-gate and will be suspended; the WNBA had their All-Star game (girl power) and the court was a little full of UConn alums; and the Yankees are currently sitting in first place in the AL East. So really, all is right in the world.


SalesSweet Dreams: My last favorite is a deal Beauteque is running now until August 3rd; when you buy any sleeping pack, you get a free Berrisom Sheep Mask when you use the coupon code SWEETDREAMS at checkout! The sleeping packs will soothe your skin overnight and the free sheep sheet mask will have you counting sheep even when you’re awake. You can check out the deal here!


Those are my favorites and I hope you enjoyed them all! Let me know if we share any favorites or which Beauteque new arrival you’re going to make sure you add to your cart! Comments are always welcome so share some love below!




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