Product Review: Missha M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge

Hello beauties, it’s Ashley and I’m here to tell you all about a must-have lip product featured in our latest Beauteque Bargains.  Over the weekend I got the chance to test out Missha’s M Everlasting Lacquer Rouge in rose pink and it certainly did not disappoint.  The color was a bit brighter than I was expecting but the vivid pink hue was perfect for a fun summer look!

Missha assigns four unique effects to this product, and I must say that it delivered on all four of the following claims:

  • Perfect Fixing Effect: adheres onto lips for smudge free wear
  • Power Lasting Effect: waterproof, long lasting
  • Extreme Coloring Effect: vivid lip colors
  • Feather Wearing Effect: light fitting system for non-sticky, matte finish


This lip color glides on like a tint or gloss, making application super easy, but then dries with a matte finish like a regular lipstick.  Because this lacquer dries almost instantly, I would recommend applying the desired amount quickly before the product fixes to the lips in order to prevent uneven application.   I usually avoid lip glosses because I hate when my hair gets stuck to my lips, but luckily the non-sticky finish was able to withstand a windy car ride without causing a goopy mess.  However, if you’re looking for a little shimmer, this product would definitely pair well with a clear gloss as well (just remember to roll up the windows!).


They weren’t exaggerating when they named this lip color everlasting.  I applied it in the morning before going out and the color remained bright and bold throughout the entire day—I didn’t even have to re-apply after meals!  Though it felt a bit like a waxy coating at first, the lacquer proved to be very light and breathable while still resisting smudges.  In fact, it even took a little extra effort to remove the color from my lips at the end of the day—I had to use a makeup remover wipe whereas I usually just use soap and water.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a long-lasting matte lip color that won’t smudge or fade.  It comes in four fun colors that are perfect to rock during these remaining weeks of summer (can’t believe it’s almost August already)—rose pink, baby coral, mandarin orange, and hot pink.  You can find these lip colors, as well as other discounted products for lovely lips and face in our latest Beauteque Bargains!




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