A Day in the Life of a CEO

At Beauteque, it is never the same day every day for me. What remains the same is, starting in the morning, the first thing I do is  check all of my emails and respond back to them. They can range from approving marketing proposals for promotions to giving my input on a slide made by the design team to signing contracts with companies Beauteque will partner up with.

Then I may be meeting with the buyers of our company to see what the latest and hottest products in the industry are. We always have the goal to find the best and most cost effective products that our customers may like. There are always new trends and products in the industry which is why it is always important for us to constantly be researching. Awhile back, the trend was Horse Oil and Donkey Milk and now it is cleansers with a good pH level and different style masks (animal and opera). This is one of my favorite parts of my position because I can always see the latest trends and try out those products.

Then I will be meeting with my marketing team to discuss new promotions. This is very fun because we can be creative with how we execute the promotions. Recently, one of my favorite was “Sales from the Deep.” This was great to create because it was inspired by “Shark Week”, the one week I can be found in the year sitting in front of the TV. Another one of my favorite promotions recently has to be the beauty blogger collections. There are three in total this month, each having a very cute theme to it. (Citrus, Nautical inspired, and Glamour) The citrus collection was launched on Monday by “Unboxing Beauty” and the next two will be released on the following Mondays to come.

Another thing I may be doing is meeting with the social media team. We will review how previous posts are doing and will brainstorm future posts together. Then we will plan out fun giveaways that followers may like. The designer bag giveaway was a favorite of mine because it included an awesome bag with a large value of products.

Finally, I will also meet with the other departments of the company to make sure everything runs smoothly including the design, IT, customer service, shipping, and PR team. With the design team, we review old designs and brainstorm how we can curate new ones. With the IT team, I will be discussing improvements for our website that will make it more exciting and user friendly. With every other department of the company, I will be making sure that everything is done correct and smoothly.

As one can tell, there are many parts of my job but that is what makes my position extremely exciting. Every day I look forward to the next to see how we are able to make  Beauteque the best it can be.

Elina Hsueh

CEO of Beauteque


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a CEO

  1. Thanks for the peek into your career life! I am studying public relations in university and would love to have a similar job. It’s so inspiring hearing of other working women and having the opportunity to see what they do in their careers. 🙂

  2. Wow sounds like a busy/fun life. It seems like you are on top of it all when it comes to making Beauteque the best it can be. It’s nice to hear someone say they love their job as well.

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