Destination Beauty: A Focus on Camping Out

Hi all, Caitlin here, and I’m here to talk about getting away from it all today.

With our brand-new Destination Beauty collections, that is!

Wherever you’re jet-setting to this summer, we’ve got the necessary beauty goodies for you. There are five collections-count ‘em-in all. They are: Beach Day, Bonjour, Paris, Staycation, On Safari, and, pictured below and one of my favorites, Camping Out!

The Camping Out Collection at one with nature in the woodsiest parts of….well… suburban NJ.
The Camping Out Collection at one with nature in the woodsiest parts of….well… suburban NJ.

Every collection was lovingly curated to be perfect for its given destination (a luminizing lotion for shimmery skin for a night in Paris, anyone?).

Camping is being one with nature, enjoying time with friends and loved ones, and enjoying time with s’mores, to me. And roughing it shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice your beauty routine.

Ok, maybe you don’t go full on smoky-eye and instead let the smoke come from your lovely little campfire, but you still want to look gosh darn good. And not come home with a sunburn.

And that’s where the Camping Out collection comes in! I can tell you firsthand that research went into the “camping beauty routine” to bring you this trio of essentials. I am overjoyed to report that there are a slew of glam campers out there – and their tips include simple makeup, SPF, and keeping your face fresh and natural at night!

So, including the Camping Out Collection, I bring you…

Caitlin’s Camping Glam Complete Look

I have spent my fair share of time in mountainous and woodsy areas in conjunction with vacations and school trips. And I am also a full-blown mascara addict. And do you know who else is? Bugs. Yes, flying insects love dive-bombing into a fan of makeup-coated lashes, or at least mine. While I personally wouldn’t sacrifice the mascara over this, I’d definitely rock a waterproof variety during the day, and use Camping Out’s Nature Republic Magic Remover for Mascara at night so at least during sleep, I wouldn’t be bothered by these lash-lovers with wings as I attempted to get shut-eye.

Also, to poof-be-gone those bugs as best I could and hopefully minimize buzz-and-bite trauma to my eye and other areas, I’d combine Camping Out’s Tony Moly Mango Mild Sun Block with SPF50 with a bug spray. (Sure, there are insect repellent/SPF combos, but none other than the Skin Cancer Foundation advocates using two separate products at once, so active ingredients in each don’t cancel each other out). Awesome, set on that front!

If I have to worry about chipping my nails in the wilderness, well, at least I don’t have to worry about sunburn.
If I have to worry about chipping my nails in the wilderness, well, at least I don’t have to worry about sunburn.

What I love about the Tony Moly sunblock-besides its adorable stunner shades-is that, as you can see in the photo, it has a convenient twist-off cap and a small, precision applicator. I’ve had sunblock get too hot in summer in traditional tubes and leak out all over, causing quite the mess. This cap screws off and feels quite secure, so I don’t foresee this getting all goopy and inconvenient during camping.

I’d finish my glam camping look with the Baby Lips Balm Power Hyaluronic Acid for a full-lip look that is also protected in a nice coating that’s not too thick. And that completes my sorta-natural look for being in natural setting, ladies and gentlemen. Behold!

If you haven’t yet scooped up one or more of the amazingly-priced Destination Beauty collections at, I highly suggest doing so before they sell out. I’m off to toast some marshmallows in style!




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