Mask Grab Bag: The Skin Type Guide

Hi all, its Komal again with some more information on Korean sheet masks and how to pick them out for your skin type. Working at Beauteque has allowed me the opportunity to not only learn about Korean beauty, but to also educate myself on which ingredients can do what for your skin.

In our promotion, the Mask Grab Bag, we will be doing the hard part for you, the picking out of the masks. We have curated a set of masks for each skin type and we are throwing in a massage cream too! The skin types we have curated are acne, anti-aging, hydrating, and brightening. In this deal you will pick 2 different skin types and receive 5 different sheet masks and 1 massage cream, for only $15.00. Don’t miss out and get some before supplies run out at


Here’s some behind the scenes and how we picked the masks out for our Beautes! I will focus on the 4 skin types that I have already mentioned above.

Acne: Look for masks with ingredients such as Tea Tree, Lemon, and Clay. Also important to reduce acne on prone skin is to take care of your skin and make sure your pores are unclogged. Eating better can also clear your skin up!

Anti-aging: Ingredients that contain anti-aging properties include Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, and Q10. For those who want to bring vitality and elasticity to their skin, use products that include Snail mucus as well. Snail is really powerful in its anti-aging benefits. They say that you should start anti-aging when you turn 20!

Hydrating: Look for masks with ingredients like Aloe and Cucumber in them. Just about everything in Korean masks are hydrating. Vegetables and fruits that are juicy are best at hydrating your skin naturally.

Brightening: Ingredients like Arbutin and Tranexamic acid are very effective in masks. Fruits with citric acids like lemon are also good for reducing dark spots and acne scarring.

Get your best skin with this mask grab bag.

Comment and let us know if you have any tips for these skin types.




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