Review: Ostia Soothing Cucumber Gel

Hi lovelies, Caitlin here, and I’ve got another review for you! And this time, it’s actually a comparison review!

This time I tested out the Ostia soothing cucumber gel, which you can snag in our Fun in the Sun bag with many other summer essentials. Trust me, I’ve seen the whole shebang, and you so won’t get sunburn if you buy this bag while it lasts!


That said. Normally I use Banana Boat After Sun aloe when I want to reduce redness or feel refreshed. Both promise to soothe skin. Which would win when the aloe duked it out against the cuke?

Asian beauty product packaging has a way of looking exactly like the ingredient it boasts (strawberry-shaped face mask jars and cherry-shaped lip balms complete with stems, anyone?) and this is-see the picture- no different. Hmm. Well, definitely a convo piece!

I wondered what was in store with the cucumber gel, as the last cucumber-y thing I remember having as a body product was sugary-sweet cucumber melon spray in middle school (I was mainly subconsciously just trying to see how many cucumbers I could have in one sentence there, apparently). Would it be too overpowering of a scent?

There was only one way to find out. I applied the gel, which does glide on smoothly and did not get stuck in the tube, which can happen with my aloe, causing me to shake it somewhat maniacally and ketchup-bottle like. And when you’re suffering from sunburn you don’t really want to wait for relief. So that was a definite plus.

The gel is clear, not too heavy, and smells exaaaactly like the real deal. It’s crisp, and smells like you just sliced a cucumber! So nothing was overwhelmingly sweet, just refreshing and simple.


I applied it all over. Yes, it immediately soothes. It absorbed pretty quickly and it left, not really a cucumber scent strangely enough, but dried to just a nice, crisp, faint fragrance that I can’t compare to anything per se. I wish I could be more descriptive about it. It just says clean to me.

As with most gels, it will build up on your hands, so I washed them off after applying.

About an hour later, my skin remained pleasantly, faintly scented and just really smooth. I also think this moisturizes, because my skin had a nice firmness to it, but not in a heavy way.

My thoughts?

Each product has it’s pluses. The aloe has more product in the tube than the cucumber. However, there is definitely plenty in the cucumber, and purchasing the fun in the sun bag means getting this handy after-sun product and so much more, including SPF products that are the means avoiding the burn in the first place!

The aloe, as stated, gets stuck in the tube and spout for me at times. I definitely appreciated that the cucumber did not have that issue.


The aloe can dry kind of sticky and heavy on my skin. I felt like with the cucumber I had applied a lightweight moisturizer that absorbed quickly and evenly.

The verdict?

I’d definitely use the cucumber again to soothe or moisturize all over. And I love that when factored in with all its Fun in the Sun friends, you are getting it for way less than you’d  pay for it when purchased individually. Also, after a day in the sun in which you’re feeling crimson and painful, the last thing you probably want to do is run out for a bottle of aloe. So, snag some SPF and waterproof products, as well as your after-sun care, in one handy-dandy, beach-friendly bag that gets delivered right to your door-and be waay more prepared than that dreaded dash to the drugstore, I say!

XO and cucumber gel,



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