Review: AngelLooka Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack

Hi Beauties, Katlyn here with a new product review for you!

Here at Beauteque we have a sheet mask for just about everythinggg, feet included because they need some TLC too!

With that said, this product claims – “Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack is an intense moisture treatment that noticeably smoothes, softens, and repairs dry, cracked, callused feet and heels. Enriched with Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, shea butter, urea, and many natural ingredients help in moisturizing, soothing and preventing cracked heels. New “Sock type” foot mask pack penetrates deeply and instantly into the skin for deep moisturizing and improvement of the skin condition and textures. Heating effect opens up pores enabling better absorption of ingredients and remains after removal. After just one use, you will notice improved skin tone and texture.” Additionally, it highlights it provides toenail nutrition, smoother heels, and is waterproof. Impressive, right!?!
The way to use this mask is to wash your feet with warm water first, put on the foot masks (like socks), secure them around your ankle with the long sticker provided, leave on for 15-20 minutes, and after removal do not wash your feet again because you don’t want to lose all that goodness, and the “thermal sensation” lasts after the removal of the “socks”.
5 FREE contains NO parabens, artificial pigment, benzophene, triethanolamine or BHT

Upon opening and taking out the masks, I first noticed there is a floral, perfume scent but it isn’t too over powering. I washed my feet and applied them as directed, however, initially I didn’t notice there is a thin lining inside and you have to make sure not to just open up and slip them on, but to also open up the lining which is what is saturated in the ingredients so that it surrounds your foot. After a few minutes of them being on, I could feel them heating up (comparable to the sensation of using Icy Hot or a muscle rub), it took a good few minutes for that to kick in, it wasn’t immediate, and was a pretty interesting feeling. I ended up leaving them on for almost a half hour since they were absolutely no inconvenience to my mobility and were pretty relaxing!
How funny/cute looking are these?!

Pre-mask I had some visible dry/rough areas on my feet, since they’ve been neglected, and I was curious to see the out come. After I removed the mask and rubbed in the remaining product left on my feet I could immediately see and feel a huge difference. There was absolutely no dry skin in sight, my feet felt silky smooth, and they were all warm and cozy feeling! I didn’t apply anything else to my feet, put on a pair of regular socks, and went to bed. The following morning my feet were still smooth and there were no visible dry spots! I think I have found my fix for when I don’t have time to do/get a pedicure to take care of the rough skin quick!

If you’re wondering, you wont be able to get this on Beauteque just yet, because if you follow us elsewhere then you may have noticed this foot mask is one of the spoilers we revealed for this months Mask Maven subscription! If you are already subscribed then you are in for a treat for your feet! If not, you have until 8pm EST July 10th to sign up to get this mask + 8 more!

Has anyone ever used a foot mask like this? If not, would you?! I can definitely see myself using this product again!



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