3 Summer Beauty Tips!

In the summer my face gets so greasy that it could solve the oil crisis. So attention to those whose eyebrows slide down to their cheeks by midday or who solely support the blotting paper industry, because I’ve found products that may help you! Yay!

1) A gel moisturizer– I rave about the Mizon Gel Aqua Cream to everyone. I tried samples of this when I first started at Beauteque and I haven’t stopped talking about the gel moisturizer. The aqua cream is light weight, absorbs quickly into the skin and dries matte. It’s perfect for makeup free days.

2) A Face Mist– I’ve read somewhere that the reason faces get so oily is because the skin is dehydrated and pumps out oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. Once I found this out, I started experimenting with layering my hydrating products. In comes a face mist. Currently, I use a rosewater face mist because rosewater is supposed to be good at reducing redness while adding moisture. I will say that after using the face mist that my skin has become considerably less oily throughout the day. Less redness and oil? I’d say a success all around!

 Best Hydrating & Soothing Face Mist | Glossier

3) A Setting Spray– I have an itty bitty sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter one which I wear any time I go out to socialize. I can’t say that when I come home I look the same as when I was going out, but I do notice less oil in my T-zone and less “wear and tear” from my makeup. When my sample is finished, I’ll be interested in trying a different one as there are so many different brands who make a setting spray on the market. Point being, try out a setting spray to keep your makeup in place.

What beauty tips do you have for the summer?



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