Beauteque’s Best Sellers

Happy Friday K Beauty lovers! I’m here to share some of Beauteque’s Best Sellers to date with you! Now if you already shop with us, then you know, we have a lottt of different products, but some in particular have been hard to keep on the shelves! Be it just a brand in general or specific item, keep reading for our Top 5 Best Sellers of all time! We are pretty well known for our sheet masks so naturally they are going to be on our Best Sellers list, if that wasn’t already obvious since Sheet Masks of all kinds are a necessity in K Beauty culture. To kick things off, let’s start with…

Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheets

Tony Moly is a highly reputable brand that has been seeping into the US market over the past few years and everything they make has the cutest packaging! Most K Beauty plays on fruit, animal, and cute designs and Tony Moly is alllll about it, everything is always so cute you almost don’t want to use it(but you MUSTT of course). In addition to the skincare and cosmetics that we carry, these I’m Real Sheet Masks are definitely a big hit here at Beauteque! We just stocked up so get them before they’re gone! They go QUICK! Tony Moly Etude House I Need You Sheet Masks

Etude House is a major K-Beauty brand, and they are all about everything pretty, pink, cute, and being the beautiful princess you are! Their flag ship stores even resemble castles! They Also make Castle Hand Creams and more! Back to the masks…some time ago they updated their I Need You Sheet Masks, that used to say Alphabet Masks. The new packaging is, well, adorable of course and they still have you covered literally from A-Z! Etude House My Beauty Diary Masks

These are more simply packaged but don’t let that fool you, these masks pack a punch and are a K Beauty staple made in Taiwan. We have probably the most extensive range of these masks, the picture below isn’t even all of them! We are constantly restocking these as they are Inexpensive and effective, and there is something for everyoneeee. These are for sure a best seller! MBD Mizon Snail Repair Line

Mizon is another well know, high quality brand that is also now becoming more known in the US. Their snail repair line, yes snail mucus is in there, is a very popular ingredient in K Beauty products. It is known to heal damaged skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin tone, reduce acne marks, moisturize, protect skin from environmental damage, and increase elasticity. Think about how soft the bottom of a snail is after gliding around all day on rough surfaces… Believe it or not Mizon says to use the All in One Cream as the first step, and then the Ampoule. Which would seem wrong as we are used to applying things pending their viscosity, however for the Ampoule to be most effective it needs the moisture barrier from the all in one cream to work its magic. It can also be used in combination with other creams. Pick one or all, this line is sure to smooth out those slithering wrinkles!

Mizon (In the order of recommended use)

Benton Snail Bee Line

Benton is another very popular and powerful brand, they don’t need the fancy packaging the products are all the hype! Here’s that snail ingredient again, but its also combined with Bee Venom, so people with allergies BEEWARE! Much like the rest of Benton’s skin care products, the Snail Bee High Content Skin is packed full of beneficial skin care ingredients with no fillers hence why the packaging is simple. The plant extracts are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidants. Each contains snail extract, green tea extract, and bee venom to moisturize, brighten, and soften skin. Green Tea hydrates and brightens skin, while popular ingredient Snail Mucus aids natural cell regeneration and increases firmness. Meanwhile, Bee Venom contains Meilttin, a protein that features a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral properties.

Benton (not in order of recommended use)

Who’s tried our any of our Best Sellers?! What did you think?? We want to know!




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