Summer Beauty Routine/Peek into my Makeup Collection!

Hello all, Caitlin here –it’s summer and it’s time to talk beauty for the hottest months of the year!

While some things will never change for me (mascara as my number-one makeup must, anyone?) throughout all four seasons, some things get a little lighter or change a bit for me.
I’m also including a bonus pic of my beautifying area (well, part of it), and how it makes my morning quicker and more awesome!

Let’s get into it!

Summer Beauty Routine

SPF moisturizer
Generally, I like to look a little glowier in the sum-sum- summertime, so I turn to Jergens Natural Glow for Face and their matching body lotion. This stuff has been giving me a, well, natural glow for years now, and the face one has SPF-perfect for a day in the sun. My skin is more summery in a UV-free way, and I’m protected from an unsightly and painful sunburn!

Lip balm
I’m a lip smacker addict, and so I tend to swap a thicker chapstick for a lighter lip product in the warmer months. Though, when I can grab these babies with SPF, I definitely do so!


One thing I rock all year is the Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube (available at of course!) I apply it to cheekbones and nose. You can also use it as eyeshadow, and this conveniently sized little container lasts for-e-ver!

Hair Tie
I’m a naturally very curly girly. So humidity=frizz for me in the summer. If all else fails and I’m out in the heat, I keep a hair tie with me to keep things under control!

Bright nail polish
I’m probably not doing anything too earth-shattering by wearing darker nail shades in the winter and brightening things up come summer, but, yeah, I rock neon brights in summer! Magentas, lime greens, electric blues-anything like the icharming nail polishes we put in your June BB bags
Can be found on my toes this season!

And now for my beautifying area:
I turned my formerly disastrous dresser-top into a convenient little preparation station, and I now love this spot!

The investment pieces: the bling bling mirror and the 3-drawer acrylic makeup storage unit

What I already had: the jewelry, the makeup, the body sprays, the lotions, the retail therapy problem…

I organized my goodies into mascaras (top drawer), lipglosses (second drawer), and more mascaras/eyeliners (second drawer, yes, I’m obsessed with all things eyes!)

I can now see things easier in the clear, categorized drawers and this prevents things from being scattered all over. Naturally, this saves me time and keeps things neat!

Accessories are now organized on trays, laid neatly on top of the dresser, or hanging from a palm tree shaped jewelry stand you cannot see because it is being choked with necklaces (Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a necklace addict)…

So, I do my makeup in front of the mirror, find a necklace or bracelet that coordinates with my outfit, pick a spray and spritz it, and am on my way!

How do YOU organize your goodies? Comment below, I can’t wait to hear!



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