Summer 2015 Beauty Trends

Hi All! Caitlin here, and I am going to talk summer beauty trends with you.
This will be kind of a mash-up of the trends according to beauty experts such as Cosmo and things that, well, we tend to rock in the warmer months as opposed to the chill of winter!

Let’s get started!

1. Cosmopolitan UK cited Cara Delevigne’s ever-present brow-game-strong as a spring/summer 2015 trend. I have to agree with good ol’ Cosmo here that undeniable, bold brows are still in style. You can amp yours up with this amazing brow powder and build ‘em up!

2. A Valentino model rocked bronze seashells in her hair, and not only did British VOGUE love it, I adore these truly beachy tresses as well!

3. Lip Balm is beyond a trend-it’s just an essential, ladies. Rock the most summer-y kind ever with our Skin Food shea butter lip care bar in watermelon-it goes from picnic to poolside in one swift swipe!

4. Shimmery skin, to me, is synonymous with summer. Get it with my personal fave highlighting product, Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cube, which we have in various shades for you to glow gorgeous!

5. Thread anklets like the friendship bracelets you wore until they made an ankle tan-line in grade school, are a must for me when I hit the beach. Haven’t worn one in ages? Make your own by heading to a craft store for supplies.




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