Meet Our Bloggers: Katlyn E.

Katlyn is new to the Beauteque Team, with almost 3 months under her belt as a Marketing Associate, and she’s been loving learning what goes on behind the scenes of an E-commerce business as well as kicking around ideas with the team to come up with fun new promotions! When not at work, she enjoys making memories with friends and family, carving out some “Me” time and giving herself a mani/pedi or getting outside when the weather is nice to go for a nice walk with her fraternal twin sister to catch up from the week.

All-time favorite movie?

I’m not a big movie buff, I know shame on me, so picking an all-time fave is rather difficult. My favorite genre would hands down have to be comedy, I love a good laugh. With that said, let’s really show my age and say the original Dumb And Dumber is my all-time favorite movie. I have seen it sooo many times and still crack up. I heard the re make was horrible so I didn’t even bother to see it.

Biggest pet peeve?

I’m pretty easy going so not too much gets under my skin but one thing that definitely irks me is if I’m eating with someone and they’re chewing with their mouth open. It kinda just grosses me out to be in close proximity to someone and see and hear food in their mouth. I can most likely thank my mom for that as table manners were drilled into my siblings and I growing up.

One skin care item you can’t live without

A good non greasy moisturizer with SPF is something I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without. If I can’t have a cream for everything, then I’d have to settle for a multi-tasker. I can’t stand the look and feel of dry tight skin, especially on my face!



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