Skincare Routine

Hi all! Caitlin here, and today I’m going to share with you my skincare regimen.

First off, some background: Working at Beauteque has truly enhanced what I do for my skin. I am much more conscious of things like preventative skincare (anti-aging, anti-acne, etc.) since coming here, and have added many beneficial steps to my routine, and I am a “the more products, the merrier” kind of girl, so that works out perfectly!

Step 1: Wash with cleanser. I have been using facial cleanser since I was 12 and discovered L’Oreal Hydrafresh in Seventeen magazine (oh, how grown-up I felt purchasing that first pink tube!). I have used a gazillion different ones since then, but the important thing is I cleanse every morning and night. Right now, I am using a mildly exfoliating facial cleanser that really clears out my pores! Then I dab my face dry with a clean towel for the next step.

Step 2: (select mornings and nights) mask time! I either use a clay mask or sheet mask on select occasions, just often enough to keep skin balanced while also clearing out buildup that a cleanser might not completely get to. Last night I enjoyed one of my faves-the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt sheet mask-to soothe my skin that’s been a little acne-prone lately. And I woke up to the softest, brightest skin today-it’s truly my $1.99 miracle!


Step 2 or 3, depending on day: Moisturizing Mania! I don’t leave home or go to bed without moisturizing. Lately at night I’ve been using this amazing e choice tea sleeping mask from Beauteque-it is so rich and hydrating that I wake up to silky smooth and firm skin!


Step 4: Acne Treatment.  Sometimes acne happens no matter what you do, but I do apply a topical treatment to any bumps overnight (or in the daytime if the active ingredient is ok to expose to sunlight).  This shortens a pesky pimple’s life span and can help speed healing/fading in my experience.  Beauteque offers an awesome topical, the Mizon Acence AC Care Solution Mark-X Blemish After Cream.


Step 5: Eye Cream- I dab eye cream on my eye area because rubbing it in can cause or worsen wrinkles.

That’s it for my routine!  What are some of your skincare holy grails?



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