Meet Our Bloggers: Caitlin S.

Caitlin loves her job coming up with cool marketing campaigns, trying out new sheet masks, and overseeing ops at Beauteque! She is also a nail polish junkie who likes scouring ebay for discontinued shades, and loves curling up for a movie with her boyfriend, her cat, and a big bowl of Pop Secret, Movie Theater Butter flavor.

What’s one beauty item you can’t leave home without?

I never leave home without a chap stick with SPF protection. There must be at least three in my purse right now. They protect in summer, they protect in winter, and they are so tasty!

What’s your dream vacation spot?

I’ve been seeing shots around the internet of huts built into the crystal-clear water in the Maldives. They’re like luxury huts with big beds and glassed-in patios that are suspended directly above the water so all you have to do is literally wake up and dive into the sea. Yeah, definite dream vacay spot!

Tell us one random fact about yourself.

I have double-jointed arms that can rotate entirely behind my back. I thought it was normal growing up and used to stretch like that thinking everyone did too, until my brother saw it one day and was like “whoa, what did I just see you do?!” So I guess it is unique after all!



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